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Student to Student

Now that long-time Principal of Park City High School Hal Smith has abruptly retired, the position is open for next year. I have heard several rumors of who will be awarded this position, however these are just rumors and nothing more, therefore the prestigious job of Principal of Park City High School is still up for grabs.

Mr. Smith seemed to care a lot about Park City and the school that he ran, this is of course expected of any principal, but is unfortunately not always true. Having grown up in Park City and lived here his whole life Mr. Smith excelled at this, and hopefully the new Principal will too.

It’s not like the students at any school sit around and talk about what qualities a good principal should have, but I have been thinking about some since the occasion has come up. Some Mr. Smith had–like being passionate about the school and town he worked for, however there are unavoidably some areas I think that he could have done a better job in.

First of all let there be no confusion that everyone else I have talked to thinks that Smith did a great job, but like anything else no one can be perfect.

I would like the new principal to have more of an impact on students. When Mr. Smith retired it was not a big subject of conversation among the students. I tried to figure out why and soon came to the conclusion that he wasn’t big on talking or being active with the students so no one really knew him, this does not mean that he was not good at his job, but it would be nice if the new principal was able to interact with the students and get to know them a little better.

My own personal critique of Mr. Smith was that he followed the rules and strayed away from any controversy too well. This is, of course, the number one quality that the state and parents look at when selecting a principal, but it can be a little tiresome in the eyes of the students.

I am not suggesting that the principal should be reckless, however it would be refreshing to see a principal who is willing to bend the rules sometimes or give his true opinions on controversial matters.

One thing that I think the students and teachers do not want is a bureaucrat for a principal, who is too caught up in red tape to take time and listen to the students and truly address their needs instead of just giving them the answer that the school board tells them to say.

When it all adds up, Mr. Smith did a good job as principal, the proof is the fact that Park City High School is the best in the state. I wish the school good luck in finding someone next year who can live up to the expectations that we all have.

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