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Student to Student

The first day of school is always so deceiving. The "la dee da" attitude of the first day makes it possible for students to not quite even realize that their summer, like their fun and freedom, is now over.

Right away you can tell that something is weird in that everyone says "hi" to everyone they have ever talked to as far back as four years ago. They’re so excited to see all the people whom they will be talking smack about by next week.

And everyone shows up looking all cute in order to make good first impressions. Remember last year, by around second quarter? The attire of spirit week pajama day looked no different than the rest of the quarter.

Then you get to class and the teachers tell you about how their major goal in life is for everyone in their class to get an A+. In A.P. classes, they go on to tell you the overwhelmingly comforting statistics of how last year 97 percent of their students got a 4 or a 5 on their A.P. test. You’re like, I can do this!

After the initial "my class is so great" speech, your teacher asks all the students to tell the class their name and something cool they did over the summer. (Everyone went on the school-run Europe Trip the toga party and the German beer fest seem to tie for most frequently claimed summer highlights.)

Once the students are all caught up on each other’s summers, class is just about up since, on the first day, we go through both portions of the block schedule in one day rather than two, so the 8 periods are super short and easy. This is another method of coddling the unsuspecting students into a false sense of a relaxed and cheery school year.

You’re going from class to class throughout the school and the nearby trailers in such a whirlwind that you don’t even have time to stop and think. If there was time, however, you could pause and think back to last year . . .

Wait a minute, didn’t everyone stress over those same classes that were supposedly so easy to get good grades in? Didn’t you do all the extra credit and end up one point away from your desired letter grade anyway? Didn’t that one guy only get a 1 on his A.P. test even though he seemed pretty smart and he always participated in class.

Yeah, remember that? It all starts coming back to you by around the second day. Having only the usual 4 classes per day draws out the time and you find yourself remembering why that one annoying girl in your Gov. class always got on your nerves last year. And when student dining is divided up into two lunches, the chaos drops to a level at which you can tell that you’re actually not best friends with every single member of the student body even though yesterday, they all wanted to hug you in order to look like they had a million best friends.

Just kidding, it’s not all that bad. Well, give it some time; there will be people who complain of worse.

But isn’t the first day or so nice? Cherish the memories; it will be a long time before the next idealistically light and breezy part of school, the last week before summer.

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