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David Lambert Park Record intern Some of the best memories from high school take place Friday nights in the fall, at our school’s football games. Everyone you know is there, screaming hysterically for the team to win. There are the cheerleaders, the band and halftime show. All your friends are together and everyone is having fun. But, apart from the players, coaches and a few parents, does anyone actually watch the game? From my observations, not many do. Then, what’s so special about high school football games? Why do they attract more students as spectators than any other sport? It’s not the football – particularly if your team is up by 50 points or getting pummeled by the school down the road.

All of my memories of high school football games consist of socializing with other kids, and screaming for our team to win. And, like most of the other students there, I usually have no clue what I am screaming about. I am just having fun. To say I am a football fan is a understatement, while typing this, I have the Sunday night game on and am constantly checking my fantasy team, but I still find it hard to pay attention to the high school game with so many other things happening This is not always the case when attending a hockey, soccer or basketball game. These are much more sober affairs less fun, more attention to the game. Perhaps it is because these sports are actually so interesting in themselves, that students watch the game instead of just talking to their friends. Or maybe it is because most kids who go to watch these other sports really understand them. Regardless, the fact is that football has become far more than a game. It is a true community social event that draws more fans than all the other sports combined. Unlike other high school spectator sports, we come more for the football party, than for the game itself.

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