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Student to Student

Sarah Moffitt

As second semester finally begins, parents may find their kids lacking the enthusiasm they displayed during the first half of the year. The only thing to blame-Senioritis. A common misconception about this devastating disease is that it only affects Seniors. Don’t let the name fool you. It can strike any age student, although those in the last two years of high school are most susceptible. Senioritis doesn’t just cause fatigue and boredom, it can also be linked to slipping grades, lack of interest in normally fun activities, and unsafe levels of stress. While it may seem that this sickness is something to be disregarded, it can seriously change a student and may last until summer.

Being a real senior can cause Senioritis to strike especially hard. The main cause is the prospect of college looming in the near future. We have jumped through all the hoops for 11 and half years trying to get good grades so we can get accepted into college. Once that feat has happened, students are left feeling a bit lost. What’s the point of high school if your future is already decided? While colleges do look at your final transcript, as long as you don’t completely fail everything, chances are they won’t drop you, despite parents saying otherwise. So why try? Why waste time doing something no one enjoys when this is the last year to enjoy the ski slopes? Why go to a class you know you can get a B- in no matter what? Why do the nightly reading when cramming the night before a test will achieve similar results? While this philosophy may be flawed, it is what 200 Park City High School seniors are feeling at this instant. "It’s like senior year you wake up and realize you have been doing the same thing for 12 years," said Marybeth, a senior at Park City High School. "After a while each day seems to be the same and you stop caring."

Kids become jaded and no longer see school as a challenge, but as a barrier. Senior year revolves around college applications, essays, and then roommate searches and housing options. Mentally, kids have already moved on, yet physically they are still stuck in the classroom with the same people they have known since kindergarten. Its like being stuck in the airport right before the trip of a lifetime. This might explain why over 20 people graduated early this year. Some left a full year early, others left after first semester when all their required credits were complete. Rosie Brennan, who recently graduated early said that, "After a while all the high school drama gets so boring, if you really don’t have to be at school, then why not graduate."

While parents urge us to live in the moment and not rush our childhood, they also insist we look toward the future and think about what is coming next. With these words of advice pulling us in opposite directions, kids just give up. They have chosen their college, logged the man hours, now it is finally time to relax. But A.P. classes and a constant influx of homework makes that hard. Most students try to stay focused, but lack of motivation forces them to close up their homework and turn on the TV. Senioritis has even affected me. I consider myself hardworking but lately, each day I just go through the motions, only giving half-effort and doing what I must to get by. After all, this article was supposed to come out in last Saturday’s paper, but hey, who’s counting.

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