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Student to Student

There are many areas from which young people draw inspiration to excel including parents, role models and peers. However, it seems that most high achievers at Park City High School are primarily self-motivated. Senior Nicole Roth, currently president of the high school Key Club, talented singer in PCHS Madrigal choir, and advanced placement student, is one of many outstanding students who can tell you that her parents used to have a "get good grades or die" attitude. But now, Roth says, "It’s not so much them anymore; it’s probably more self-motivated than anything." "It’s not as much my parents; it’s me," agrees Brianna Wilson, a sophomore member of the PCHS and club soccer teams with excellent grades. "It gets to a point when people expect you to do well." Tyler Scott is another one of those people from whom others expect amazing things. He is currently ranked No. 1 in the junior class and academics come easily enough that he also has time to be on the Board of Education for the Student Council, and participate in multiple sports. He says similarly that his parents used to push him a lot, "but now they don’t really have anything to complain about." Scott says that lately he has been able to start "to be more independent and make decisions" on his own. Understandably, "it’s almost a relief not having the pressure" from his parents. Mia Pennels, a sophomore who has had a 4.0 grade point average throughout high school, expresses the same gratitude as Scott, saying that she is thankful that her parents are "being supportive and trusting me to be responsible by myself." Pennels’ parents know that their daughter is smart and self-motivated enough to succeed without nagging. John Sanderson, another PCHS high achiever, explains his self motivation, "It’s kind of a personal trait I have: If I don’t do the very best I can, it’s not satisfying." Sanderson is a sophomore who is recently took first at state in racket ball for both the High School and the Junior division and has gotten at least a 4.0 GPA thus far in high school. So it seems to work out all right that Sanderson’s parents don’t ever put pressure on him; "They are just supportive." Sanderson knows that his parents trust him to do well on his own. Not every student is a self-motivated high achiever. But it appears that once parents teach their kids the value of hard work they can then feel confident enough in their child’s abilities to take a deep breath and step back. The most effective motivation is self-motivation. Most kids want to do well in all their undertakings and most of the time they are capable of success. What do you think? Students, The Park Record has its own blog for students to shout out how the feel about "Student to Student" or any other topic. Join the cyber-realm today at

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