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Student to Student

Kendall Fischer, Park Record intern

Prom is coming up and if you didn’t know it first-hand, you probably found out when you drove under the walking bridge suspended over I-80. The bridge finally proved itself useful (though not for walking) when recently, its fence sprouted red plastic cups in the shape of the words, "Whitney Prom? Ben."

The techniques of asking a date to a big dance are endless. Some of the classics include the trail of rose petals leading to a sweet note, or writing the question on the windows of a prospective date’s car. But some people take it to the next level by coming up with more personal invitations.

"Decorating someone’s car or room is kinda cliché, so I wanted to do something different," says Park City High School senior, Chris Proctor. Proctor recently wrote a song and put it on a CD inside multiple boxes, which he left on the doorstep of his date-to-be.

PCHS junior, Greg Method, decorated his date’s car which he admitted was "not very exciting," but he got the desired response anyway.

Method also mentioned some unique ways in which his friends have asked their dates, including whipping up an elaborate breakfast. The best of his stories, however, was that of a trail of signs along the track team’s usual running route that ultimately asked a certain runner to attend the upcoming dance.

Hunter Brown, a senior at PCHS, has a pretty good track record of asking girls to dances. He once filled a bedroom with gravel and huge rocks, and left a poster that read, "It would totally rock if you went to the dance with me." Don’t worry, he put plastic on the floor first.

Another idea Brown put into play related to the "Casino Royal"-themed Winter Formal. He scattered a room with playing cards and wrote a poem including some James Bond-related lines. He underlined letters throughout the verse which the reader had to unscramble to spell out his name to discover who was asking her to the dance.

A senior at South Summit asked her date to a dance by making a mud pie (with chocolate pudding, Oreo crumbles, and gummy worms) in a flower pot. She left a note with the dessert saying that to find out who was asking the reader to the dance, he must find her name on the bottom. The student dumped out all the embellished pudding, only to find that the name was on the outside of the bottom of the flower pot, not the inside. He accepted the invitation despite the mess.

A sophomore at Skyline was surprised to find on her doorstep a note attached to asqueaky dog toy attached to a note instructing her to squeeze the chew toy. She followed the directions, and at the sound of the squeak, a dog dressed up as a French maid came running out to her, with an invitation to Prom tied at its neck.

Another fun idea involves duct-taping a phone book shut with a circled name inside it, icing the book like a cake, and decorating it with words saying, "Its as easy as cake to find out who is asking you to Prom!"

If you plan on asking someone to Prom, you might as well do it creatively. Depending on how you go about it, you could annoy, humiliate, or flatter your date. At least an imaginative approach shows that you are interested enough to put some effort into the endeavor.

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