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Student to Student

You walk into class and there is someone with a unnatural hair color or a facial piercing. You cannot take your eyes off the pink roots or pierced eyebrow. You spend the whole class starting at them, and don’t hear a word the teacher says. Sound preposterous? We think so. The idea that a person who looks a little different could distract a whole classroom of kids for almost two hours is laughable. It is, however, the reason we are given for this portion of the dress code, it is also the part students seem to have the biggest problem with. It is easy to see why the administration doesn’t want their students at school with skimpy outfits, or shirts with drug and alcohol themes on them. No one really complains much when these rules are enforced because they are reasonable.

But when someone with part of their hair dyed green is pulled out of class and told to change it to a natural color or they will be suspended the next day, because they are distracting the rest of the class from learning, is absurd and unjust and that’s when people start to get angry.

If the district wants its students to look like everyday school children rather than like punk rockers or gang bangers, to make sure Park City keeps its simple mountain town fantasy M.O. alive, we could understand. Just tell us that is the reason. Don’t tell us that they have to change the way they look because they are distracting other students in their class from learning. It is not only an insult to them, but to the rest of the class.

Believe me, is not easy for anything to distract a class room of kids for that long of a time. And someone with pink hair certainly won’t do it. Kids at PCHS see much more amazing things in their every day lives than strange hair color. Maybe if we went back 100 years to when Park City was a tiny mining town, when it took weeks for outsiders to get here, then, yes, the kids could be distracted by personal grooming statements. But not today.

So please, stop treating us like four year olds and give us a valid reason for the no-unnatural-hair-color and no-facial-piercing rules. If you cannot do better than "it distracts the learning environment" — then get rid of the rule.

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