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Student to Student

The Park City High School Winter Formal is coming up this Saturday, Jan. 14, and according to student body representative, Alex Lee, a junior, "it’s gonna be great!"

So who has paired up to go together? Who is desperately seeking a date? Who is brave enough to just go in a group of friends without a date?

Elise McMillan is one of the few, the brave. She is a proponent of attending dances without a date. "It’s fun to go stag," says the senior. "You can go with your friends and just hang out with everyone in a big group."

Leela Baggett, a sophomore, also thinks it’s better to go without a date than with one. "You can wander around and you don’t have to worry about pissing off your date."

"Even if you go alone, it’s really fun," Alex Lee says. But then he admits, "It’s like a standard that guys have to live up to; to be able to say ‘oh, I’m here with whoever.’"

"You do feel a little left out," says sophomore Tyler Needham about going to a dance without a date. But, "it’s different with girls because it’s easier for them to go in a group." Needham says.

Actually, a bunch of guy-friends grinding together on the dance floor would be an unusual sight at any high school dance, whereas, for girls, that would be perfectly normal and even cute.

Corey Milne, a senior, agrees that "more girls go stag than guys" because the single guys are "embarrassed that they don’t have dates."

"I want the freedom to dance with whoever I want and I don’t want to be tied up with the person I came with," said Jordan Fischer, a sophomore, explaining why girls have fun without a date.

Fischer and Baggett are happy to attend the Winter Formal in a group of friends without dates. However, "Guys feel like if they don’t have a date, their friends will make fun of them," Baggett says.

Fischer points out that, "The guys that go alone probably get a lot of action," because of all the girls who are there without dates.

So guys: What are you scared of? Of course, there is always the possibility that eight different single girls will get into some huge, smacking, clawing fight over who gets to dance closest to you . . . but that would be a good story anyway, right?

Students who go solo to dances wish that more dateless kids would make an appearance, Baggett says, so that "you could dance with everybody."

When asked how she could encourage more people to come to dances even if they don’t have a special someone to share the night with, Fischer says that she hopes, "people see that I’m having tons of fun and that they don’t need to have a date to be cool."

"Go no-daters! Yeah!" Baggett exclaims.

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