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When I first signed up to come to Denver from the 2008 Democratic National Convention, I don’t think I quite grasped the historical significance of what we are taking part in. Not only is this convention significant because of who Senator Barack Obama (D- Ill.) is, but also because of all that is going on in our modern world.

This year’s convention and general election will be read about for years to come in U.S. history and government textbooks maybe even by my kids and grandkids. When I read similar textbooks today, it’s hard to imagine being involved in such a significant event or being able to say, "I was alive for that" or "I remember when this happened." To be able to say that I was involved in this historical week is something that I will cherish forever.

Because of the incredible historic significance of this week, the excitement in Denver is off the charts. Immediately when you step off the plane at Denver International, you feel the buzz all around you. Everywhere you look you see someone in an Obama 2008 teeshirt or with an Obama pin.

And not only is the younger generation caught up in all the excitement, but people of all different ages, races, genders; no one seems to be left out.

Walking out of the terminal and into the baggage claim area, signs that simply stated "Obama 2008" or signs for conferences similar to the one I am participating in greeted travelers. No matter where you go, it really is impossible to escape the overwhelming expectations placed on the Obama-Biden ticket to bring about the change that many believe this country so desperately needs.

Being a part of a youth leadership conference this week offers me the unique experience to meet kids from all over the country that share many of the same feelings that I do. High school students from as far away as the Virgin Islands and from as close as Colorado Springs have come here to experience this historical event. It reaffirms to me the faith much of the younger generation has that Sen. Obama can bring about the change that will offer us the best for this country and for the future.

A big part of the Senator’s promise for change and appeal to the younger generation is his promise to put more focus on the education of tomorrow’s leaders. On Sunday evening we had the chance to listen to a lecture from renowned constitutional scholar, Maryland State Senator, and American University Law Professor, Jamin Raskin. In his lecture, Raskin focused on the need for students to stand up for their rights and to take advantage of all that we are offered while students.

Not only did Professor Raskin make me realize how much more I can learn as a student, but he nailed the fact that everyone here in Denver truly is witnessing something special.

Monday evening, while listening to Michelle Obama speak at the convention; we collectively realized that while what we are witnessing something historic and that for some people it might be a stretch to picture the Obama family in the White House next January, it may not be as farfetched as you think. The change that the Obamas foresee for this country is something that we can all believe in and that is truly deserving of all the excitement and hype.

Adam Laufer is a senior this yearat Park City High School but he is missing the first week of classes to attend the Democratic National Convention with the Presidential Youth Leadership Conference. He isd hoping to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into planning and running a convention, electing a candidate, managing a campaign and electing state delegates.

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