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Student to student

by Lexie Malone, Park Record Intern

Ask any high school student and they will tell you the No. 1 distraction from homework is Facebook. I admit it — it’s not that we can’t do our homework — it’s what we are distracted by.

In addition to the fact that it causes our grades to go down and that it’s not healthy to spend four hours in front of any screen, the scary part now is: who is requesting to be our friends and vice versa. Teachers and students are now friends via Facebook, and more and more students are requesting teachers to be their friends. Beside the fact that you see them if not every day, at least every other day, this unnecessary "friendship" is both unprofessional for the teacher and inappropriate for the student.

Many kids on Facebook feel no need to hold things back. Pictures are posted with students participating in activities that are not deemed appropriate by the high school. The same goes for teachers, students do not need to see the pictures of their trip to Cancun over the summer.

Activities outside of school should be a separate life. If teachers "friend" students and the teachers may see photos or posts of something they never expected that student to do and you, as a student, would not want your teacher to judge you in the classroom based on your behavior outside of school. You would want them just to see how you behave in a learning environment.

The same goes for teachers, they do not need students getting the wrong idea of them based on their Facebook profiles. The relationship needs to stay professional. There is line that should be drawn when it comes to life outside school, and that line needs to be drawn before teachers and students becom friends on Facebook.

Even if it is a cyber-relationship, it is still a relationship outside of school between a student and teacher. This opens the door to developing a relationship that does not involve education or school. Messages can be traced, and if anything were to happen, it would not look good for the student or the teacher. If a student does need to contact teacher or vice versa, both have e-mail accounts set up by the school.

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Bottom line: why is it necessary to be Facebook friends with your teacher?

However, when a student graduates, if they chose to be friends on Facebook with their teachers to keep in touch it is no longer in the way of education or the high school. It is their choice to keep in touch with their teachers when they leave Park City, but until then a strict school-only relationship should be maintained.

Facebook is not the place where students and teachers should be friends. Until students graduate lets keep Facebook to our friends and family only.