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David Lambert Of the Record staff

It is that time of year again when the tourists from the holidays have just left and you can once again find a parking spot on Main Street. This however will soon end with the coming of Sundance.

The annoying families dressed like they are about to take part in an Antarctic expedition, will be replaced by young singles from Los Angeles or New York who will of course be dressed in black.

These are hectic times for locals. Each set of tourists have their own tendencies that can really get on our nerves.

Most of the holiday families have kids who they find the need to take with them wherever they go. Parents don’t know how to tell the children to be quiet.

There is no need to mention how the Sundance group can get to you, all in all it can really test ones patience.

We do, however, tend to forget how important the tourists are to Park City. Not just in an economical sense, but think how boring Park City would be without them. You would have to say goodbye to the resorts, restaurants, clubs and any other commodities that we take for granted.

Even if we could keep all of these things that make Park City special, it still wouldn’t be the same without the crowds. If you have ever decided to see what’s happening on Main Street during an October night you know what I am talking about, it is desolate to a depressing extent.

You would give anything for the unique Sundance crew to be there because you can have a blast by just walking up and down the street. What else besides Sundance tourists could make that fun?

Tourists refresh Park City, they make it seem like you are living in a big city during certain times of the year. When they’re gone you are so tired of it that you can go back to appreciating the fact that Park City is a small town during the other nine months of the year.

The excitement over Sundance is just beginning. When it finally comes, Park City locals will enjoy it for the first couple of days then go back to what we do best, complaining about how it is too crowded.

When they leave, the locals will be at peace until late spring when we go back to complaining about how empty the town is.

When the crowds start to get to you during this upcoming Sundance, just relax and make the best of it. Remember that you will basically have the town to yourself in a couple of months.

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