Student to student An illuminating weekend |

Student to student An illuminating weekend

Unfortunately, I will not have a perfect G.P.A. this quarter, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned anything. This weekend alone I learned quite a few good lessons. Here are some of my latest insights.

Calculators are important to have when taking standardized math tests. Pencils are also helpful, but the test proctor does have extras, unlike calculators.

Friends make life easier. Nice people who aren’t your closest friends have this same potential.

Undefeated does not mean untouchable. Unfortunately, knocking on wood does nothing but make noise.

Making fun of someone behind your back is much worse than making fun of someone behind their back. Making fun of people isn’t the nicest or most necessary thing in the first place.

Do not refrigerate homemade chocolate chip cookie dough overnight unless you want flat cookies. Always have a back up-plan.

People like you better if you talk to them and remember their names. If you don’t remember their name, chances are someone else will.

There are people who can make even a squirrel costume look sexy. There are also people who will take the opportunity to dress up as an opportunity to un-dress.

Smoke machines not only produce smoke, but also fire alarms. Good thing fire alarms only contribute constructively to loud music and flashing dance floor lights.

Don’t get uncontrollably drunk unless you want to find out who your real friends are not. ( None of the aforementioned persons refers to myself).

Intention is not always equal to outcome. There are often many more factors than original objectives.

Most opportunities come around more than once, if you are willing to look for them. If you didn’t get the chance to make a move on your crush as you had planned, you’ll both still be around next weekend.

Parents, like most people, prefer if you just tell them the truth in the first place. Sometimes, they will surprise you with their unexpected communication network, through which they may uncover the truth. And if that fails, they may find out first-hand when you trip up on your tangled web of lies.

Sometimes what you seek does not exist. Usually you will survive anyway.

Inspiration will come eventually to a wandering mind. When it comes, write it down immediately if you cannot act upon it soon.

Knowledge is not magically put into your head if you wait patiently enough — it’s the end of the quarter and I still struggle to understand calculus.

So we live and learn. What more can we do but enjoy ourselves along the way?

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