Students rise to Spelling Bee challenge |

Students rise to Spelling Bee challenge

Julie Glusker Bee committee member You can determine a lot about a kid by the way they approach a microphone to take their turn at a spelling bee. Some students stride up confidently, head held high and eyes straight ahead, calculating the most effectiv

Nicolai Wacht Parley’s Park Elementary School, 2nd grade

  • 2nd – Andrew Hoggan Trailside Elementary School, 3rd grade
  • 3rd – Owen Nagel McPolin Elementary School, 2nd grade

    4th/5th grades

  • 1st – Alexia Daugaard South Summit Elementary School, 5th grade
  • 2nd – Paige Anderson Park City Day School, 5th grade
  • 3rd – Abigail Knudsen Old Mill Elementary School, 4th grade

    6th/7th grades

  • 1st – Patrick Schloesser Rowland Hall, 7th grade
  • 2nd – Abby Powell Ecker Hill International Middle School, 7th grade
  • 3rd – Collin Kenny Rowland Hall, 7th grade

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