Students tackle PE with mom and dad |

Students tackle PE with mom and dad

Parents jumped into the ring with their children this week to try their hand at a series of athletic challenges.

Monday night, Parley’s Park Elementary School hosted a parents night with fifth-grade students.

"I think having the parents here makes them great role models," said PE teacher Jen Wheelwright.

The evening emphasized the importance of parent involvement and physical fitness. Wheelwright also said it teaches that everyone has different abilities in the sports world and helps students recognize that each person has special talents.

Students who came received a participation certificate and those who completed certain events got a gold, silver or bronze pin.

The six physical challenges included switching places on a balance beam without falling off, hula hooping for 20 seconds, jumping rope for a minute and a half, circulating a volleyball between three people with a total of 10 hits, performing certain tricks with juggling sticks, and standing in the middle of a hoop and hitting a ball with a tennis racket for a full minute.

Those who completed all six earned a gold pin, for five events the students earned a silver pin and for four a bronze.

At the end of the night a jump rope contest was held where the contestants battled it out hopping on one foot while keeping their eyes shut.

Wheelwright also organized a prize drawing and poster contest to for the event.

"It’s not about winning, but working hard and having fun while you’re doing it," said Wheelwright.

Fourth grade teacher, Kim Goryl, timed students as some tried repeatedly to bounce a ball off a tennis racket for one-minute.

"I think this is creating a high interest in activity. It’s been a great way to promote health and fitness," Goryl said.

A mom-and-daughter team breezed through most events but had trouble when it came to switching places on the balance beam.

"We’re having a great time," said Carrie Murrin.

Her daughter Bree revealed the secret of getting through the challenge.

"You have to work together," she said adding it’s about, "balance and cooperation. You have to depend on someone else."

Abby Dering was thrilled to have her mom there.

"I like doing it with my parents because (they) never do anything active," she said.

Her mom smiled good naturedly and said the evening was a lot of fun.

Nicole Weinrauch, who swims and participates in gymnastics said getting the tennis challenge was the hardest. Through multiple tries and determination she conquered it and said the evening taught her, "to keep trying."

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