Studio 101 styling, trimming and coloring |

Studio 101 styling, trimming and coloring

Gina Barker, The Park Record

A Park City hair stylist Angela Harris is headed down a new path, the path of an entrepreneur. Angela’s Studio 101 is her first business venture, and she is the first stylist to open in Park City’s new Studio Salons, an umbrella business that houses several independent beauty and wellness professional under the same roof.

"I’ve been in the same place for 18 years," Harris said. "It was time for a change."

"I had a great experience in my old salon," she added, "and it made me who I am today. It was just a change I need, finally the time to go off on my own."

Harris was born and raised in Utah and originally planned to work in movies working with prosthetics, make up and hair, but when she started working as a stylist she realized it was what she really wanted to do.

"I’ve just enjoyed it so much, the flexibility of the hours, the community I’ve met and learned so much about," Harris said. "There are so many cultures, career choices, personalities. Park City brings this amazing and diverse group of people together and that’s what’s kept me going. I learn something new everyday."

With several longtime clients already on the books of her new salon, Harris said even though the idea of starting her own business was scary, she felt she’d made the right decision.

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"I’ve been telling my clients for many years the same thing, encouraging them to make a change in their lives," Harris said. "I guess it was my turn to make the change."

When it comes to being a hair stylist, it was one point Harris never waivered on. As a 5-year-old she told her mother she was going to style hair and the idea never went away. Now, the stylist specializes in cuts, colors and blow out work.

"Hair styling is the quickest thing you can change about yourself," she said. "With a hair cut or color that’s instant gratification, and I’ve always loved that.

"You can’t get the same type of gratification a new haircut will give you. Being able to do this for people is such a great feeling."

Over the years, Harris grew a small following of dedicated customers, a portion of whom she’s been cutting the entire 18 years she’s been in Park City.

"I remember going out to dinner and bumping into a client," she said. "When the friend I was out with asked how I knew her, she said ‘She’s my second mother.’ That meant a lot."

Harris said when she thought about it, she realized how long she worked with the client.

"I had been there from puberty to divorce," Harris said. "In 18 years, a lot can happen to someone, and you do become a part of their family in that way."

As a stylist and on occasion an unofficial therapist the new business allows her to offer more privacy than an open studio with several chairs and to make the business reflect he own style. With a touch of modern edge, the blue walls and glass tiling have an urban look in a mountain town.

"Everything is a reflection of me. My tastes, my ideas.

"There is always a fear of stepping out on your own, but I’m glad I’m doing this," Harris said. "I’m really excited to see where this takes me."

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