Summit Community Gardens workshop |

Summit Community Gardens workshop

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

The Summit County Community Gardens will host a workshop on Aug. 6 at 10 a.m., to educate local green thumbs about composting.

Alison Godlewski, one of the garden’s founders, said the workshop will teach gardeners about organic materials to include when composting and how to maintain it throughout the year.

Godlewski said the key to creating a healthy compost is oxygen. She said Darcy Swedish-McKay, a gardening enthusiast, will lead the workshop.

"It’s different than just the same old composting workshop, because it’s hands-on and you get to see the composting in action," Godlewski said.

According to Godlewski, Swedish-McKay will turn the compost and provide tips for the most effective ways to oxygenate it.

Godlewski said there are several community members like Swedish-McKay that help make the Community Gardens sustainable.

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"That’s what makes the garden. People donating their special skills to the community," she said.

Godlewski said the organization is currently working on installing a drip irrigation system.

"We’re using the natural water that we have on site and water power, so it’s completely sustainable," she said.

Godlewski said that although she’s excited about the irrigation system, it was beneficial for the gardeners to establish a daily habit of visiting their plots to water the plants.

She said the crops are starting to produce lettuce, peas and radishes.

"Everyone is starting to harvest and the plants are going crazy. It’s really amazing at this altitude to have first-year gardeners being successful," Godlewski said.