Summit County Health Dept. Board to meet Monday |

Summit County Health Dept. Board to meet Monday

Gina Barker, The Park Record

The Summit County Health Department will hold its bi-monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5 in the Summit County Health Department Building. Discussion points include changes to food-related fees, tanning bed regulations, body art rules and fees and mobile food cart regulation.

Many of the topics being discussed are to give the county an opportunity to get ahead of the upcoming legislative session in 2012, said Summit County Health Department executive director, Rich Bullough. Discussion points are coming from possible statewide legislation the department is expecting to see, as well as issues other health departments are dealing with, in particular food cart operations.

"There have been concerns in other health departments and a significant amount of closures for the mobile food carts," Bullough said. "We are trying to get ahead so if we are going to allow them in Summit County they need to meet health food standards."

The larger issue the meeting will cover will be tanning bed regulations, Bullough said. Summit County is the only county in the state with no tanning bed regulations even thought the county has a handful of tanning bed businesses in Park City.

"It is state law that tanning beds are inspected and regulated," Bullough said. "As a health department in the past, we have not been active in doing that. But it is a state requirement."

Bullough said that evidence and research on the potential damage tanning beds cause is becoming clearer. The Summit County Health Department is looking at carrying out more regular inspections of the beds and providing more literature on the risk of using a tanning bed.

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"It’s about getting information out there so that parents understand the risk," Bullough added.

On the topic of body art, Bullough said the issue wasn’t as pressing because of what he called "very little" of those businesses operating in the county. While it was interesting, the board plans to discuss possible issues in the future.

"The topic of more critical importance is the food-related issues," Bullough said. "Our restaurants are awesome up here. They make sure they meet state standards."

Bullough said the department hopes to modify fees for the standardized food handler permits so local health jurisdiction can share food service workers and vendors.

"If businesses meet testing standard, and they live in Salt Lake City, they can do business up here, we hope," Bullough said, "but the draft agenda is still rough."

The meeting will be at the Summit County Health Department Main Office, located at 650 Round Valley in Park City and is scheduled to run from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

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