Summit County lawmen seize sizable stash of guns, drugs and cash |

Summit County lawmen seize sizable stash of guns, drugs and cash

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

A Summit County SWAT team executed a no-knock search at a condominium on Canyons Resort Drive on Thursday. The 3 a.m. bust netted: cash, methamphetamine and numerous weapons, including an assault rifle, crossbow, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and handguns.

According to a press release from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the BackNet Narcotics Task Force and Summit/Wasatch Advanced Tactics Team (SWAT) served the search warrant after collecting information over an extended period of time that led deputies to believe the residents of the condominium were distributing methamphetamines.

Shane Foster, 39, and Karen Ward, 48, who were living in a condo located at 2100 Canyons Resort Drive, were booked into the Summit County Jail for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and failure to affix a drug stamp on the drugs. Both charges are second degree felonies. Foster was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, a first degree felony.

Summit County Detective Sergeant Ron Bridge said a judge determined there was probable cause for a no-knock search warrant to be served after an investigation.

"Certain parameters were met for us to conduct a no-knock search," Bridge said. "No one was injured during the seizure including law enforcement and the residents."

In the press release, Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds said the detectives involved needed to be commended "for such an extensive investigation which led to the arrest of these two criminals."

According to the Summit County Jail, bail is set at $40,000 for Foster and $20,000 for Ward.

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