Summit County Sheriff cracks down on fire ban |

Summit County Sheriff cracks down on fire ban

Late Friday night, Summit County deputies broke up a party at Echo Reservoir, arresting three adults and two minors on alcohol and drug charges. But, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s office, the group’s worst offense was lighting a bonfire.

Deputies were summoned to Echo Beach, a popular recreation area near Grassy Creek, after receiving reports of an open fire. At the scene, the report states, they "discovered several minors and an adult consuming alcoholic beverages while stoking an open bonfire."

The fire violated Summit County’s recently enacted ban on all open fires and fireworks.

According to Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds, "In light of the active fires in the region and the extreme fire danger — as Sheriff –I am taking a zero-tolerance stance on the open fire and fireworks issue. … We will actively seek out, arrest, and book violators into jail for violation of the fire ordinance."

Three adults were arrested and two juveniles were referred to court. One of the adults, Zachary Line, age 22, of Park City, was also booked on the class B misdemeanor charge of violating the fire ban.

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