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2013 tax delinquencies total $5.8 million

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

The Summit County Treasurer’s Office released its annual compiled list of delinquent taxpayers, and the results show roughly $5.8 million in delinquent taxes in 2013 alone.

County Treasurer Corrie Forsling said the list also includes those individuals and businesses that are delinquent on their taxes prior to 2013, which would bring the total up to $7.7 million. Any entity that did not postmark their tax statement by Dec. 2 was included on the list.

"We expect to get a number of payments in. We mail a postcard to everyone with delinquent taxes," Forsling said. "We have a 95 percent collection rate already. In the first year after billing, that will get pretty close to 99 percent."

Taxpayers who did not postmark their statements by Dec. 2 incur a one percent penalty or $10, whichever is greater. That amount stays fixed until Jan. 31, at which point, as per state law, an additional 1.5 percent penalty is added on Feb. 1 and seven percent interest annually is charged, calculated retroactively starting Jan. 1.

Some notable delinquent taxpayers on the list include United Park City Mines Company (almost $57,000), Morinda Properties Escala Lodges (over 200 properties with taxes overdue), Geary Ventures LLC (over $144,000), Gear Systems Inc. (over $120,000) and Cottonwood NewPark Two LC (over $60,000).

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, which is listed as owing over $767,000, does not belong on the list, Forsling said, and will be removed.

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This is because, after the Western Summit County Master Agreement was approved, declaring Weber Basin the regional water authority, a parcel of land was transferred to Weber Basin from Summit Water, Forsling said. Funds were escrowed for a personal property attachment that will be pulled from the escrow fund once the tax issue is resolved.

Forsling stressed that none of the county’s top 10 taxpayers are delinquent on their taxes. This top 10 includes entities such as the Montage Hotel, the Marriott Hotel, Deer Valley Resort and Powdr Corporation, among others.

The Escala Lodges, she added, are "notorious" for paying their taxes late, as the association that collects taxes for the units often has to deal with up to four owners per unit. Geary Ventures, LLC, she said, is "struggling," but Forsling said there is no pattern of delinquent taxpayers, or a select few individuals or businesses that are commonly behind on their taxes.

The issue with many taxpayers on the delinquent list, Forsling said, is that they are undergoing valuation appeals.

To view delinquent taxpayers for 2013, visit summitcounty.org, select ‘Government’ and then ‘Departments,’ click on ‘Treasurer,’ where a link to the list can be found.