Basin Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the Silver Creek development agreement |

Basin Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the Silver Creek development agreement

A major residential and commercial development to be located southeast of the Interstate 80/U.S. 40 intersection is moving closer to fruition and the developer is hoping to break ground this summer.

The Silver Creek Village Center is slated to include 1,290 residential units and 50,000 square feet of commercial space on 244 acres.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the development agreement on Tuesday, March 3, at 6 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building, 1885 West Ute Blvd, in Park City.

The Planning Commission will consider the project details the Park City developer, the Lowe Company, is proposing, such as the length of the development agreement and the community benefits the project would yield.

"It’s basically the final step before the final approval so they can move forward with the construction," Summit County Planner Jennifer Strader said. "This will wrap everything up for them and then they can start moving forward."

The Silver Creek Village Center received its Specially Planned Area designation in 2011.

The county first received an application for the Silver Creek Village Center as an affordable housing community in the late 90s and the current plan includes 330 affordable housing units.

"It’s the last piece before we can start putting utilities and roadways and housing in," said Matt Lowe, managing owner of the Lowe Company. "We’re kind of in the ninth inning before we can start working to deliver projects."

Lowe said if the development agreement is successfully approved by the Planning Commission and the Summit County Council, his goal is to start on infrastructure improvements this summer to be able to start building homes as early as late fall.

"We’ve worked really hard on this project and it has been in the process of getting approval for over 15 years since it was initially submitted," he said. "To be at the ninth inning at out of a 15-year time frame is exciting, especially with everything else going on in the county. We feel like the timing couldn’t be better."

One component of the agreement requires the Lowe Company to donate approximately 80 acres, for a community park and connected trails, to the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District.

District Director Rena Jordan said the land acquired through the donation will be the "largest park parcel" the district owns.

"We have been meeting with them for at least two years about the areas that will become a community park as well as the areas within their development that will become community trails," Jordan said. "This will obviously be an opportunity to build a park for the entire community, but also sufficient enough to provide a park for that very large neighborhood."

Jordan said the building and construction of the park will mainly be funded through the impact fees.

"It could theoretically be self-funded because the impact fees we will be able to collect on the development, which is very similar to when Willow Creek Park was built," Jordan said.

During the Planning Commission’s work sessions regarding the development agreement, the commission has raised questions about the duration of the agreement, on-street parking in the winter, wood-burning fireplaces, and workforce housing units.

The applicant originally proposed a 35-year term for the development agreement, but the Planning Commission felt that was too long and changed it to 25 years, with an option to extend.

Another major concern the Planning Commission expressed surrounded on-street parking in the winter. All of the roads in the Silver Creek development will be county roads and the developer has proposed on-street parking. While the county regulates parking in the winter to allow for snow removal, the ordinance does allow for exceptions if appropriate signage is posted to only allow for parking on one side of the road.

Since the Summit County Council recently approved a temporary ban on the installation of wood-burning appliances, including fireplaces, in the Snyderville Basin, the Planning Commission wanted clarification on the ban as it relates to commercial and residential units. The Planning Commission determined the installation of all wood-burning appliances will be prohibited in the Silver Creek development.

The Planning Commission also wants the development agreement to stipulate that the workforce housing units must stay consistent with market rate homes.

Planning Commission Chair Colin DeFord said a subcommittee has been working on the document for about four months.

"We have made a lot of significant changes and the Planning Commission has done a good job of getting the document into a workable format," DeFord said. "I think that when these changes come through, they won’t be much of an issue. But we’ll have to see what county legal and the developers have come back with about the suggested changes."

The Planning Commission could take action on the development agreement after the hearing, but DeFord said there is no need to rush on a project of this size.

"I think we need to approach and move slowly," he said. "It’s a document that will be with us for a long time. It’s really important that we scrutinize this document and I think we’ve done our best. And it’s always helpful for the public to have a look at it as well to make sure we’ve thought of everything."

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