Basin Recreation could get more land |

Basin Recreation could get more land

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

The Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District (SBSRD) could be expanding its amount of open space in the coming weeks with the deeding of two parcels of land and the exchange of another.

Basin Recreation District Director Rena Jordan said the first, the Discovery open space parcel, is being deeded to SBSRD as part of a community benefit. The land is located near the Weilenmann School of Discovery on Kilby Road and is approximately 40 acres.

"Why we are interested in that parcel is because it adjoins to the Toll Canyon parcel," Jordan said. "It will provide us with the ability to create a trailhead up to that parcel."

Any land acquisitions must first go before Basin Recreation’s Administrative Control Board. After approval there, they must then be approved by the Summit County Council.

The second open space parcel acquisition is being deeded by Cowboy Properties. This seven-acre parcel is the open space for the Liberty Peak Apartments located behind the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Jordan says Basin Recreation has been trying to figure out a way to get a trail to connect to Liberty Peak without bringing the trail through the Tanger Outlet Mall and into the parking lots of what she says will be a developed technology park.

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"It’s great because it doesn’t require us to take the trail through an urban parking lot," Jordan said.

The final land deal under consideration is an exchange SBSRD and Summit County are set to make with the Utah Athletic Foundation. Jordan said that the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation was given a parcel of land near the Utah Olympic Park during the original acquisition of the PRI open space for the purpose of developing housing for athletes.

The UAF moved forward on that planning, but since the housing would be located in a viewshed the planners in charge decided not to approve the project. UAF is to deed 11 acres to Basin Recreation to provide another trail connection. Basin Recreation will be giving UAF a five-acre piece of land in exchange.

"This is basically a swap of land," Jordan said. "UAF will give up the original acres defined and instead take a parcel out of open space that is a bit more than what they had for the purpose of getting it out of the viewshed."

The three parcels that are up for recommendation on the agenda provide the district the opportunity to move toward the completion of the Millennium Trail System.

"All of these that we are doing are really, in contemplation and execution, of continuing to complete trail connections," Jordan said. "This makes a lot of sense in terms of long-term planning in creating contiguous open space with contiguous trail connections."