Coalville mayoral race set |

Coalville mayoral race set

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

The two candidates for the Coalville mayoral election were finalized Monday, which was the day the city had set aside to count incoming absentee ballots. As none were received, the final two candidates were declared to be Trever Johnson, with 128 votes, and Arlin Judd, with 39 votes.

The election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

"I appreciate the wide-ranging support [residents] have given me. I look forward to being able to compare and contrast what our goals are for Coalville," Johnson said. "The mayor has quite a bit of work to do. There’s the wastewater facility to be constructed, and there’s a lot of responsibility there."

"We’ve got a lot of work to do," Judd said. "There are some issues with the city’s water delivery system that are going to need to be addressed in the future that will require a bit of effort."

The bridge over the Weber River is another project that Johnson said will be very important for the next mayor. Drawing people to live in Coalville is another of his and Judd’s priorities.

"We need residential [growth] and with that will the opportunity for the commercial sector to do better than it has been doing," Judd said. "We have lots available for people to use, but we’re just not seeing much movement."

"For the future, we need to make Coalville attractive for move-ins for the growth of the citizenry," Johnson said. "There are some opportunities there and we need to expand the citizenry to help support businesses and support growth."

Recreational opportunities Johnson added are also important to residents, and he said those must remain affordable. As to specific growth, he pointed to the once vibrant industrial park.

"There’s infrastructure there that is I think ripe for an opportunity. That will be my main focus in terms of growth that’s been put on hold for the last six years," Johnson said.

"There’s been a continuing misuse of what I call rejuvenating the vitality of the city rather than seeing it the way we have been," Judd said. "We need to experience some growth under the parameters that are set in our code and work diligently to see if we can grow Coalville."

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