Construction begins at Silver Creek Village Center |

Construction begins at Silver Creek Village Center

Construction commenced this week on a road that will serve as the main artery through the Silver Creek Village Center, a 240-acre residential and commercial town center slated for the southeast corner of Interstate 80 and U.S. 40.

Thursday, crews could be seen working on the village’s main road in the open space north of the Silver Summit Business Park, according to Eric Langvardt, a private sector Silver Creek Village Center planner. The road will connect Silver Creek Drive and Pace Frontage Road, he said.

“It will be a pretty significant road section when it’s complete, which will probably be sometime mid-summer,” Langvardt said in an interview with The Park Record. “We won’t pave it this season, but we will get the road and utilities roughed in.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he added.

The county first received an application for the Silver Creek Village Center as an affordable housing community in the late 90s. The project is vested under the 1997 General Plan and 1998 Development Code. It received final approvals from the Summit County Council in June of 2015.

The community will be comprised of 1,290 residential units, including 330 affordable housing units. It will eventually include 50,000 square feet of commercial space and 80 acres specifically designated for a community park and connected trails dedicated to the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District.

Construction is expected to soon begin on two trails, totaling roughly 2.5 miles, that will encompass the entire project, Langvardt said. One will be a 14-foot multi-use trail. The other will be an 8-foot soft trail, he said.

Grading will start once the location is approved, Langvardt said. The trail is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2017.

Once the roads and infrastructure are in place, Langvardt said work will quickly begin on the community park and the first few homes.

“There probably won’t be any of the commercial yet,” Langvardt said. “But there will be some homes and that will probably be a mix of all type of housing, including some apartments or townhomes and single-family homes.

“A lot of the work out front won’t be really glamourous, but once that is all in place will want to push forward with the market because of the obvious need for affordable and seasonal housing,” he said. “The interesting thing with Silver Creek is we have the opportunity to do multiple types of affordable housing.”

Langvardt said builders have already expressed an interest in the community, adding “we could see some of the first products built out there, hopefully, next summer.”

The Silver Creek Village Center has been in the “process of getting approved” for more than 15 years, with Langvardt acknowledging the lengthy timeframe. However, he emphasized “we are definitely moving forward with this.”

“The process has been slow, but I think it will be a great project and we are finally hitting that moment where things will start to be noticeable over there,” Langvardt said.

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