Council raises landfill fees |

Council raises landfill fees

Anyone planning on dumping materials at either community landfill will notice an increase in fees after the first of the year.

The Summit County Council recently decided to increase the landfill tipping fees, rather than introduce monthly fees for trash removal services. The increase will help fund the development of a new landfill cell and closure of the current landfill.

In approving the FY 2015 budget for the Solid Waste Department, the council simultaneously approved raising the tipping fees from $25 to $30 per ton to finance capital projects and better align with the fees for surrounding counties. The average tipping fee in the state is $28, according to information provided by the Solid Waste Department Director Jaren Scott. Wasatch County charges $28 and Salt Lake County charges $31.35.

The landfill tipping fees are paid by anyone who comes to the landfill. Each vehicle is weighed in and charged $30 for each ton, with a $10 minimum for loads weighing under a ton.

The County Council nixed the idea of implementing a $3 per household monthly fee to generate funding for the new landfill cell.

Most county officials agree the current landfill is nearing capacity and will be full by 2017.

"The cell we have now needs to be closed off and capped," County Manager Bob Jasper said. "We also need to get to work on building a new cell."

The new cell development at the facility near Wanship will happen in five phases and will cost $1.2 million, Scott said. The first phase will have an anticipated life of seven years, essentially extending the life of that landfill about 40 more years with the expansion.

The Solid Waste Department also has plans to purchase 280 acres in Henefer for more construction and demolition landfill space. The site could also house a green waste or composting operation. The existing construction and demolition landfill in Henefer will last about 20 more years with the purchase of additional land.

While seeking funding to develop a new cell, the Solid Waste Department is also tasked with securing funding for the closure and maintenance of the current landfill.

"When we do close it, we have to put aside money for closure costs," Jasper said. "Raising the tipping fees is primarily to build a new cell and close the existing one."

Closure and post-closure care costs for the Three Mile landfill add up to $158,240 annually and $50,200 for the Henefer landfill.

"The County Council is going to fund the capital costs, at least for the next year, using surplus money from the General Fund," Scott said. "The raising of tipping fees will cover part of these costs."

For a list of the current landfill fees, go to . The fee schedule will be updated after the first of the year with the adjusted tipping fees and will also include a new $10 fee for mattress disposal.

Major Solid Waste Department projects by year and total costs:

  • 2015: $710,000

    New Cell Development at Three Mile- $150,000

    Purchase of 280 acres at Henefer- $560,000

  • 2016: $720,000

    New Cell Development at Three Mile- $270,000

    Green Waste Site Development/Equipment- $450,000

  • 2017: $780,000

    New Cell Development at Three Mile- $780,000

  • 2018: $850,000

    Green Waste Site Development- $550,000

    Transfer Station Development- $300,000

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