County manager to review status of Canyons Golf Course |

County manager to review status of Canyons Golf Course

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

After a delay of several years, progress was made last year on the Canyons Golf Course. This Thursday, Summit County Manager Bob Jasper will review the status of the course to see if it can meet the time table the county set for its completion.

Over a year ago, Jasper said developers of the Canyons Golf Course requested that they have until Sept. 30 of this year to fully complete the course. Created within that timeline were several benchmarks, which developers had to meet.

Todd Burnette, spokesman for TCFC Finance Co., LLC, the company behind the golf course, said the company had no statement to issue publicly until it presents to Jasper on Thursday.

"They have requested in writing an extension to transfer some open space. [Summit County] owns open space that is to become golf course land," Jasper said. "Once it becomes golf course land, they’ll own it and we’ll be paying taxes on it at this point."

Jasper said it has just taken TCFC "a little longer" than it thought it would to get all necessary sign-offs on the open space and to get deeds recorded and escrows done.

With Jasper’s denial of the relocation of the Canyons ski maintenance building from its current spot on Frostwood Drive (where Hole 11 is slated) to Canyons Resort Drive, it is unclear whether developers will be able to complete the course in full without tearing down the Frostwood Drive facility.

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"I’ll try to be reasonable," Jasper said. "My goal is to try to get the golf course done. Sometimes things don’t work out exactly as according to plan."

There are certain actions developers must complete under the Canyons Specially Planned Agreement (SPA) before they can continue to develop the property, Jasper said. He added it is "to their advantage" to fulfill those actions if they wish to begin that development.

The original Canyons SPA was approved in 1999, when completion of the Canyons Golf Course was expected by 2002. When Canyons Resort was purchased by Talisker Corporation in 2008, there began a new effort to complete the course.

"I doubt if I will authorize the beginning of actual development until I clearly understand where they’re at with the golf course," Jasper said. "We need to take things a step at a time. I have to look at whether they’ve taken due diligence with the golf course."

Bob Jasper will hold an enforcement hearing and a review of the status of the Canyons Golf Course and compliance with his prior manager’s decision on Thursday, May 1, at 2 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building Auditorium, 1885 W. Ute Boulevard. Public comment will not be taken but the hearing is open to the public.