County to hire senior coordinator |

County to hire senior coordinator

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Summit County is advertising for a senior citizen director, a contract position that has been left vacant for several months.

"It’s basically someone that can work directly with the senior citizens and centers," County Asst. Manager Anita Lewis said.

The position has been filled off and on over the years, with the last person serving in the capacity last year for about eight months.

"The individual moved to California to be with family," County Personnel Director Brian Bellamy said. "A lot of the responsibilities have since devolved down to Anita. But there’s just so much that she’s also working on that we felt we needed a little bit of help there."

Lewis said her workload only allows her a limited amount of time visiting the senior centers.

"The director will be doing a lot of what I’ve been doing, or what I try to do," she said. "I feel badly because it is hard for me. I just don’t have time anymore to go to the centers. They basically run on their own, but I feel like it could be much more than it is right now."

The three senior centers, located in Coalville, Kamas and Park City, have a difficult time recruiting new seniors to their programs and centers, Lewis explained.

"They are doing OK, but they aren’t increasing," she said. "So hopefully we will get someone that has some expertise to take the program further, such as bringing more healthy lifestyle opportunities to the centers, and bringing an awareness of what things are offered to seniors."

Lewis also hopes the senior citizen director will enhance the program’s public relations.

"They can communicate a little more about what they do at the centers and the programs that are offered," she said. "Hopefully they can generate a little more of an interest. It’s needed to be done for quite some time."

Lewis said the only seniors that receive communication concerning them are those at the centers.

"We’re having a challenge of how to get it out on a broader scope," she said. "We need to utilize Facebook, The Park Record and other avenues."

However, the county does not currently have someone that is able to dedicate their time to the seniors, Lewis said.

"We just want to continue to enhance the program and we want our citizens taken care of," she said. "That’s the goal. We want someone to make sure their needs are being met."

The county has collected and is now reviewing applications for the position. County Manager Bob Jasper will interview select candidates and make the final determination upon his return from vacation.

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