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Woman charged with embezzlement

Colleen Maria Schulte, 50, of Coalville, was charged on April 3 with embezzling $45,000 from a taxidermy business.

Schulte’s estranged husband reported the crime on July 25, 2012 to Summit County Detective Clint Johnson.

Schulte’s husband is the president, director and a shareholder of the business, while Schulte is the treasurer, director and shareholder. The business provides taxidermy services to hunters and is funded by client retainers.

According to the charging documents, Schulte reportedly transferred $35,000 from the business account to an account shared with her husband, and $10,000 to an account shared with her daughter. She then transferred both amounts into a third bank account that was opened up two days prior in her name, and spent the money on personal expenses unrelated to the business.

Schulte was charged with third-degree felony theft, and her initial court appearance is scheduled May 6.

Man charged with shooting a moose

Souvanthong Khanhnara, 32, of Syracuse, is facing charges after allegedly shooting a young moose.

On Nov. 3, 2012, Division of Wildlife Resources Sgt. Keith Fullenkamp found an injured calf in the Two Bear Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit near the Wyoming border.

According to the charging documents, Fullenkamp had seen the calf and its mother a short time before as he drove up Canyon Road. He stopped and watched the moose through his binoculars and noted they both appeared healthy.

Fullenkamp reported that because of iced over puddles in the road were unbroken, he appeared to be the first person to drive up the road that morning. While he was driving, however, another truck with two hunters passed him.

When Fullenkamp got out of the car to hike, he heard three gunshots. He hiked back to the truck and found that the calf was injured by what appeared to be a gunshot through its hind legs. The truck that had passed him earlier was parked 300 yards from the calf.

Fullenkamp approached the truck’s driver, Khanhnara, who said he had just completed the hunter education course and that it was his first time hunting, according to the charging documents. He denied firing any rounds that day.

The other hunters that were at Two Bear that day did not appear to be hunting in the area.

Khanhnara has been charged with third-degree felony wanton destruction of protected wildlife. His initial court appeared is scheduled May 6.

Man charged with trafficking drugs

After McCade M. Leishman, 26, of Wellsville, was pulled over on Interstate 80 on March 28, it was discovered he had a suspended license. Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Neil Ekberg also smelled raw marijuana coming from the car.

A search uncovered a pipe with marijuana residue and a small amount of marijuana on the floorboard. Ekberg also found seven pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed one-pound bags in the trunk.

The charging documents allege that when Leishman was in the patrol car, he called a friend and asked him to clean out of his home "everything bad associated with what I do."

According to Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Bates, Leishman has a history of drug dealing.

Leishman faces charges of second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, class B misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and class C misdemeanor driving on a suspended or revoked operator’s license.

Leishman’s initial court appearance is April 15.

Man charged with credit card theft

Kyle James McEathron, 20, of Salt Lake City, is facing charges after allegedly spending $257 on a credit card not belonging to him. According to the charging documents, McEathron said he found the card on the ground outside a Summit County hotel where he was employed, though he first claimed a friend had given the card to him to use for lunch.

The charges allege that McEathron admitted to using card to buy lunch for himself and friends at the hotel café, signing his own name on the receipt. Summit County Detective Paul Scott, assigned to the case, also found charges on the card from a Kimball Junction gas station.

The owner of the card reported the theft of the card on March 9. Also an employee of the hotel, the card owner said he left his iPhone and case, which contained his credit card and driver’s license, outside the hotel.

McEathron is being charged with third-degree felony unlawful acquisition, possession or transfer of a financial transaction card and class B misdemeanor unlawful use of a financial transaction card.

McEathron’s roll call court appearance is scheduled April 15.

Man charged with hitting wife

While still on felony probation for a 2011 domestic violence assault incident, Steven Travis Jones, 40, of Kamas, is again facing domestic violence charges.

In 2011, Jones was convicted of felony and misdemeanor charges after throwing his live-in girlfriend to the ground and kicking her several times. He then strangled, hit and kicked her 10-year-old son who tried to intervene. A two-year-old child witnessed the events.

Prior to the 2011 incident, Jones was convicted of class B misdemeanor domestic violence assault in 2010.

On March 28 of this year, Jones’s wife said that during an argument, Jones had hit her several times, including in the face. According to the charging documents, Jones admitted to striking her in the face and arm after he had been drinking.

Jones pled guilty on April 8 to class A misdemeanor domestic violence assault, with a prison term of up to one year.

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