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East Side Planning Commission explores zoning possibilities

The Summit County planning department is considering all possibilities as staffers take a comprehensive look at reconfiguring the zoning maps for the East Side of the county as part of an update to the Eastern Summit County Development Code.

One of the possibilities the East Side Planning Commission is exploring is the potential to create a light industrial zone in Brown’s Canyon, which is currently zoned Agriculture (AG-100).

According to a recent Planning Department memo, light industrial zones provide "wholesale, warehousing and industrial uses such as fabrication, manufacturing, assembly or processing of materials." The memo provided examples of uses that would be permitted under this zoning designation, such as the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances.

County Planner Sean Lewis recently explored the potential of a light industrial zone with the Eastern Planning Commission. The discussion was merely part of the overall conversations taking place about rezoning and nothing is being proposed or requested at this time, Lewis said.

A previous application came through the Planning Department in 2010 requesting the exact rezone staffers are now discussing with commissioners. At the time, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezone, but it was ultimately denied by the Summit County Commission.

In 2010, the code did not have a light industrial zone, Lewis said. Since then, light industrial zoning has only been applied in a couple of instances because it doesn’t fit traditional agricultural/residential uses.

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Community Development Director Pat Putt has been tasked with completing a comprehensive review of zoning and as part of that conversation, the topic of light industrial uses in Brown’s Canyon was brought up, Lewis said.

"There are no current applications to rezone that area, we just talked about the potential to maybe someday in the future change the zoning," he said.

The county’s Development Code identifies what can and cannot be done in specific zones throughout the county. The maps that are being drawn up and considered identify those specific zones.

The planning staff is suggesting creating development rights based on zoning compliance rather than the "lot of record" concept and creating new zoning districts.

The proposed maps and zoning districts were unveiled to a standing-room only hearing in February at the County Courthouse, in Coalville. County staff and the Planning Commission have been working on the amendments for nearly two years.

The Eastern Summit County Development Code was last updated in 2003.

To view the most recent staff report generated about rezoning, go to http://summitcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/1658 . To view the memorandum regarding the light industrial zone discussion, go to http://summitcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/2051 .