Fire burns all night in Oakley |

Fire burns all night in Oakley

Last week, South Summit fire crews were forced to let a large fire at a lumber yard in Oakley burn throughout the night.

At around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, a passerby noticed the blaze on the property near Sargent Timber, 4467 North New Lane, in Oakley, and contacted dispatch.

According to South Summit Fire Protection District Chief Scott Anderson, the fire started after sparks from a welding job engulfed a large debris pile of logs and tree stumps. Anderson said the pile was around 15 feet deep and approximately 30 feet in diameter.

"We were able to contain it and remove some of the stumps and logs with the aid of a front-end loader," Anderson said. "We pushed the unburned stuff to one side and the other stuff to a pile. The property owner stayed and watched it that night to make sure it didn’t spread."

Fire crews remained on scene for nearly five hours as the blaze continued to smolder, Anderson said. It was still burning when crews left.

No nearby structures or homes were threatened and no citations were issued.

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