First annual ‘Watt Shot’ this weekend in Kamas |

First annual ‘Watt Shot’ this weekend in Kamas

Summit County Power Works is switching up the way the community gets rid of old lightbulbs.

The not-for-profit organization is inviting the public to bring their guns and ammo to the first annual "Watt Shot" at the Kamas Gun Club, 3050 W 200S, on Saturday, June 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Hundreds of incandescent lightbulbs will be available to shoot at with either BB or pellet guns for $1 a bulb, with the proceeds going toward the purchase of more energy-efficient LED bulbs for low-income families. Belt buckles will be awarded as prizes to the best adult and junior shooters.

The lightbulbs became available as a result of Summit Power Works (SCPW) initiative: the LED Switch. Students at various schools and members of social clubs were encouraged to replace the lightbulbs in their homes with LED bulbs. The old bulbs were collected for Saturday’s event.

Matt Abbott, Park City sustainability coordinator and SCPW board member, said there was some resistance from people when it came to disposing of their old lightbulbs so he came up with the idea for participants to donate them.

"They want to makes sure there is a beneficial use for them," Abbott said. "No one wants to waste something that is good. So this seemed like a good way to make that process come full circle."

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Organizers are hoping the idea spreads and starts taking place in other communities and gun clubs throughout the county on an annual basis.

Abbott said through the fundraiser organizers are hoping to "shift the mentality" that the bulbs are something to hang on to.

The LED Switch is part of Summit County’s efforts to win for the $5 million Georgetown Energy prize. The competition awards the community that reduces the most overall energy-use during a two-year period. Summit County was named as a semi-finalist among 48 communities and within the next two weeks, each community’s progress will be posted.

"It’s been going really well," said Mary Christa Smith, project manager for SCPW. "We’ve been so pleased with the participation from the schools and I’m really excited to further that in the fall. "

SCPW’s other three initiatives are coming online soon, Smith said. The next initiative will be launched toward the end of summer, with the light bulb switch continuing this fall.

Smith encouraged residents to donate their old lightbulbs because "it’s going in the garbage anyways, whether it’s today or in a year." The ReStore, 6280 N. Silver Creek Drive, is collecting the used bulbs to be used in the fundraiser.

"If you do it today, you are helping us to win the $5 million," Smith said. "Instead of throwing that bulb in the garbage, you can give it to us and we can turn it into funds to further generate money to purchase more energy-efficient bulbs."

Participation is either by registration at or day-of arrival. Guns will be available for people who don’t have them, but organizers prefer if people bring their own. Volker’s Pizza and a craft booth sponsored by Habitat for Humanity and Recycle Utah will also be available during the event.