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Hearing set for Canyons maintenance building

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

Summit County Manager Bob Jasper will hold a public hearing on the proposed location of the Canyons Resort maintenance building, which was denied by the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. (Photo courtesy of Todd Burnette)

Despite receiving a negative recommendation from Snyderville Basin Planning Commission staff in February, the idea of a maintenance facility in the core of Canyons Resort is not yet out of the question. Summit County Manager Bob Jasper will hold a public hearing on the project next week.

The requested location was to be situated on Canyons Resort Drive between the Grand Summit Hotel and the Hidden Creek Condos. The first phase of the building would have encompassed 18,360 square feet, with the second phase utilizing the remaining 146,941 square feet.

The county manager has the ability to put the issue before a public hearing, although the planning commission’s negative recommendation will still be attached to it. Jasper said next week’s hearing will be "quasi-judicial."

"I’m supposed to hear all the evidence [about the project]. Everyone gets their fair shot to lay out their evidence," Jasper said. "I have purposely not had discussions with those opposed or those in favor."

Last December, a resolution was passed by the Canyons Grand Summit Resort Hotel Owners Association opposing the proposed site, saying it would create excessive noise and pollution for the Grand Summit Hotel. Members of the Silverado Lodge and Hidden Creek Condominium associations have also expressed concern with the site.

Whether or not the public hearing will center on alternate locations for the maintenance building is uncertain, Jasper said. When the planning commission was discussing the project, it discouraged public comment on other sites, saying the application solely concerned the Canyons Resort Drive site.

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Developers will be working with a tight timeframe, however, as the current maintenance building on Frostwood Drive must be decommissioned by June of this year in order to comply with Canyons Resort’s agreement with the county to complete the Canyons Golf Course by Sept. 30.

The public hearing for the Canyons Ski Maintenance Facility Final Site Plan will be held Thursday, April 10, at 2 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building, 1885 W. Ute Boulevard.