Hotel possible near Park City Nursery |

Hotel possible near Park City Nursery

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

A development firm based in Provo could build a hotel in the Snyderville Basin if a proposed amendment is approved regarding a parcel of land just south of the Park City Nursery on State Road 224.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. in the Sheldon Richins Building to weigh residents’ input on a possible amendment to what is called the Murnin Kilgore Consent Agreement. The parcels of land in question are located at 4395 N. State Road 224.

According to Summit County Planner Sean Lewis, in 2003, as part of a settlement, PEG Development was given rights to develop a commercial area of up to 74,000 square feet on two parcels of land. In 2007 the Murnin Kilgore Consent Agreement amended it to a 71,000 square foot phased plan, which would include four buildings, including a restaurant, retail space and office space. The developer of the property is George Chachas.

The owner of the property, PC Ventures, has contracted with PEG Development with the intent to build a 100-plus room hotel on the parcels. Lewis said the hotel would have between 110 and 120 rooms and would stick to the 74,000-square-foot approved density.

"The [County] Council several weeks ago asked that the Planning Commission hold a public hearing," Lewis said. "The Council has the opportunity to say yes or no to open the settlement up for change."

Randy Henry, President of the Snyder’s Mill Homeowners Association, not speaking officially for his association, said that input from residents close to this potential development is vital. He pointed to a prior example of the Soaring Wings Montessori School at the corner of Old Ranch Rd. and S.R. 224 as being similar to this hotel proposal in that it’s happening "so quickly."

"When the Montessori School went in a year ago, the same [public] notice went out. Several other people showed up at the hearing," Henry said. "Our impression was that we wasted our time showing up. It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll be this same sort of thing."

Henry hopes especially that residents of the Sun Peak community will attend the public hearing. Although the Snyder’s Mill Homeowners Association does not have an official stance on the potential hotel, Henry said he is concerned about the effect it could have on property values in the area.

"Plopping a hotel in amongst Sun Peak I don’t know what they’ll think," Henry said. "It seems out of place. I’m not sure if it’s the right location for a hotel."

Lewis clarified that the proposed amendment would not change the zoning of the land parcels, but rather would be an amendment to the settlement of a lawsuit. The approved use of the project would change from a mixed use (commercial/residential) to a 100-plus room hotel.

"There’s a lot of office space in the area. The developer thought that there’s not a market for the office," Lewis said. "This is a way for them to have some movement on the property."

Henry believes that, like the hearing for the Montessori School, there is not much notification time for the public to react to this potential hotel. He encourages those who are strongly against it to come to the public hearing.

"This area is becoming more and more surrounded by businesses it’s somewhat congested," Henry said. "I just felt it was important that the word be spread."

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