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Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company wins a grant

This week, the Summit County Council held the final hearing for the county’s sole Community Development Block Grant applicant, the Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company. The hearing was the final requirement as part of the CDBG application process, enabling the company to receive funding for completion of the second phase of a water meter replacement project.

The Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company applied for between $50,000 and $70,000 to finish installing approximately 200 water meters to its culinary water system in January. The county was notified last month via email that the company would be awarded approximately $66,399 as part of the 2015 funding cycle.

For 33 years, the program has distributed federal money via the Mountainland Association of Governments to eligible cities or counties. But a local entity, such as the water company, can only apply for the program if a city or county acts as a sponsor.

The Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company asked Summit County to sponsor the grant request, as it did in 2014, after Mountainland notified the county in September of the available funds. The funding is provided through the U.S. Department of Housing.

At the hearing, Sue Follett, treasurer of Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company, said the grant will allow the company to finish replacing all manually read water meters.

"The new meters will allows us to increase our capacity and efficiency," Follett said.

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In January, the County Council held the first public hearing for the program grant and received a late application from the Peoa Pipeline Water Company. The County Council ultimately agreed to sponsor both grant requests.

Last month, the Peoa Pipeline Water Company was notified via email that its project would not be funded, while the Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company was notified later the same day that its request was granted.

According to Michelle Carroll, the community and economic development program manager for Mountainland, more than $900,000 was requested for the 2015 funding cycle, but only $500,000 was available.

The finalized application for the Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company’s request is due May 30.

In 2014, Summit and Wasatch Counties received $400,000, of which $122,292 was awarded to Hoytsville Pipe and Water Company and $161,868 was awarded to Peoa

Pipeline Company. The county sponsored both projects.