Incumbents keep their seats |

Incumbents keep their seats

Come Jan. 1, it will be business as usual for Summit County Council members David Ure and Chris Robinson.

Both incumbents won re-election to seats E and D, respectively, on Tuesday, earning new four-year terms.

Ure, a Republican, said he’s very grateful for the support.

"I look forward to working with the present council in front of me now," Ure said. "I believe we have some challenges and we always will as long as we have the growth we do."

Transportation will be leading the discussion for the next few years, Ure said, along with the Mountain Accord initiative.

Ure narrowly defeated Sean Wharton, receiving 5,357 votes to Wharton’s 4,987.

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"I would like to say steel sharpens iron with opponents like Dave Ure and Sally Elliot under my belt," Democratic challenger Sean Wharton said in an email to The Park Record. "I think you know I am not afraid of a fight. When I get elected, I will fight for the people I represent and when I lose my effectiveness, I will step aside to let the next good man or woman step up to the challenge.

"Thank you to everyone who believes in me," he said.

Tuesday’s tally is unofficial until the results are canvassed by the County Council next week. Fewer than half of the county’s registered voters went to the polls this election, casting 10,681 ballots, or 44.39 percent of the electorate.

County Council chair Robinson, Democrat, defeated Craig Williams, Republican, with 5,832 votes against the challenger’s 4,480.

Williams said in an email interview with The Park Record that although he didn’t win the election, he met some great people in the county during his campaign.

"I want to thank them all for their kindness and support," he said.

In the two positions where the incumbents declined to run again, Michael Howard, Democrat, will take over from Blake Frazier as auditor and Justin Martinez, Democrat, will succeed Dave Edmunds as sheriff.

Howard, who previously worked in the Treasurer’s Office, won a narrow victory by 40 votes over Gary Shumway.

Martinez, currently a captain in the Sheriff’s Office, won 67 percent of the vote, with 7,045 votes.

In an email interview with The Park Record, Martinez thanked Republican challenger Kris Hendricksen for his commitment to the campaign.

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to all my supporters and to everyone who voted for me," Martinez said. "This journey has been very challenging at times, but the hard work and dedication has paid off. I look forward to serving as your next Summit County Sheriff and bringing my vision of a holistic and customer-service approach to law enforcement."

Kent Jones, Democrat, will remain the county clerk for another four-year term, after he defeated Republican challenger Nick Coleman.

"I’m pleased and honored to be put back in for another term," Jones said. "It’s been a long campaign season. I’m happy the voters gave me the vote of confidence and I will continue to do the job the best I can."

Jones’ office recently made a clerical error that could disrupt the implementation of the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District’s $25 million bond, which won overwhelming approval from the voters.

Assessor Steve Martin, Democrat, ran unopposed and will remain the county assessor for the next six years.


  • Auditor Michael Howard (D) – 5,114 votes
  • Auditor Gary Shumway (R) – 5,071 votes
  • Clerk Kent Jones (D) – 6,221 votes
  • Clerk Nick Coleman (R) – 3,587 votes
  • Recorder Vicki Richards (R) – 3,836 votes
  • Recorder Mary Ann Trussell (D) – 6,074 votes
  • Sheriff Justin Martinez (D) – 7,045 votes
  • Sheriff Kris Hendricksen (R) – 3,350 votes
  • Treasurer Corrie Forsling (D) – 5,216 votes
  • Treasurer Amy Yost (R) – 4,979 votes
  • Attorney Robert Hilder (D) – 5,323 votes
  • Attorney David Brickey (R) – 4,947 votes
  • Snyderville Rec Bond FOR – 3,594 votes
  • Snyderville Rec Bond AGAINST – 1,886 votes
  • Nan Chalat Noaker and Jay Hamburger contributed to this report