Jeremy Ranch neighborhood victimized |

Jeremy Ranch neighborhood victimized

Several vehicles and a home in the Jeremy Ranch neighborhood were burglarized this week, according to Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez.

Seven vehicles and one home were broken into on Tuesday night, with several thousand dollars worth of items stolen, according to the dispatch center’s daily report.

"These tend be crimes of opportunity," Martinez said. "The burglaries of the past, where someone has gone out breaking windows, are done. People aren’t doing that anymore. It’s a grab it and go and tt could take less than a minute."

Residents reported several items missing from their vehicles, including lap tops, wallets and purses, and an iPad. All of the vehicles were unlocked at the time of the incident.

The one home that reported items missing from the garage was reportedly accessed through a garage door opener taken from a vehicle in the driveway. The homeowner reported two bicycles, a Cannondale Slice and a Cannondale Evo, totaling approximately $18,000, as missing.

"They feel victimized," Martinez said. "There are a lot of different emotions. They feel violated that someone has come into their personal garage and vehicle to take personal items.

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"I think it invokes a lot of different emotions," Martinez said.

The Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook area seem to be the two communities that are often targeted because of their proximity to the highway, Martinez said.

"There is access on or off the freeway and they don’t have to go deep into Park City or the Snyderville Basin," he said.

The Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have any suspect information and no evidence was gathered at the scenes.

The Jeremy Ranch Homeowner’s Association sent out a mass email to residents asking anyone with security cameras to review the footage in the hopes of catching the suspects on film.

"They literally happened so fast that right now we don’t have any information," Martinez said.

In an effort to prevent more incidents, the Sheriff’s Department will step up patrolling in the area.

"When we have a string of burglaries, we strategize a little differently and try to predict where they may strike next and hopefully be in those areas patrolling," Martinez said. "But it’s very rare that we find the burglaries as they are happening. The majority of the time, it is proactive enforcement that prevents it."

Martinez also advised residents to be aware of their surroundings and not to hesitate reporting suspicious activity.

"If you see something, report it," he said. "Be vigilant of your surroundings if you see something suspicious.

"People are working 24 hours a day and are going in and out of the neighborhoods," he added. "Don’t just look things over. A lot of people say they don’t want to cause any undo grief, but don’t hesitate to report anything that even appears minor. But more importantly, lock your doors and garages."

Martinez said he believes the thefts were an isolated incident and an investigation is ongoing.