Joint city-county meeting focuses on environment |

Joint city-county meeting focuses on environment

David Burger, The Park Record

The Summit County Council and Park City Council convened a joint meeting Monday at Park City Hall to discuss environmental initiatives and leash laws.

Summit County Sustainability Coordinator Lisa Yoder and Park City Environmental Project Manager Matt Abbott led the discussions with a PowerPoint presentation.

Some highlights of the meeting included:

  • The Summit County Justice Center is on deck for a solar panel array, with 294 solar modules producing 75 kilowatts of energy. Park City’s Municipal Athletic and Recreation Center (MARC) will also be installing a 200-kilowatt array.
  • A plastic bag ban was discussed, with the joint councils learning that plastic bags make up 0.3 percent of waste in landfills, and that bag ordinances in municipalities across the county have risen from just one in 2007 to 46 in 2013. Both Summit County and Park City have resolutions to encourage the use of reusable bags in place. Right now Park City is tracking Recycle Utah’s bag program and both grocery stores in their usage and education. Both councils are scheduled to revisit the issue in April, 2015.
  • The status of anti-idling initiatives is that both bodies have had resolutions in place since 2009, and educational enforcement is the priority. The Utah State Legislature passed House Bill 104 in 2012 stating that the state prohibits the enacting of an anti-idling ordinance unless the ordinance is primarily educational; provides that a person must be issued at least three warning citations before imposing a fine; has the same fine structure as a parking violation; and provides for the safety of law enforcement personnel who enforce the ordinance.
  • Park City Council was updated on Summit County’s work on leash laws, and the county’s Leash Law Task Force will bring a refined proposal of the law to the county’s July 16 meeting.