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Cathy King always heard stories of animals helping people who had experienced some sort of trauma or were in need of companionship and purpose.

That’s why after working with Friends of Animals Utah, King decided to form an organization that went a step further than just housing sheltered animals, but would also provide various training programs.

The result is the local, nonprofit organization Canines with a Cause, which partners rescued shelter dogs with veterans or female prison inmates. King founded the organization four years ago and serves as the executive director.

"You hear all these great stories of how animals help people and we found that veterans really did benefit with dogs when they suffered with PTSD," King said.

To continue spreading the word about saving dogs and helping people along the way, Canines with a Cause will be participating in the 24-hour donation drive Live PC Give PC, organized by the Park City Community Foundation.

From midnight Friday, Nov. 7, to midnight Saturday, Nov. 8, both Park City and Summit County residents can donate to a local, nonprofit charity of their choice by visiting

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"We are really proud to be a part of Live PC Give PC and proud to be a part of this community," King said. "It’s really amazing because the first year we were kind of small, but last year we did really well with getting the word out about what we are doing."

Canines with a Cause works with the Utah State Prison Women’s Correctional Facility to place rescued dogs with the inmates for training before being partnered with a veteran. Veterans are also able to train dogs to become therapy animals for themselves or for fellow veterans.

King said Canines with a Cause is always looking for involvement from community members to volunteer, foster or donate. For more information, go to

"This is our home base and it’s super important for people to know we are not just servicing Summit County, but all of Utah," King said. "It’s another thing for Summit County to be proud of."

People’s Health Clinic

During Live PC Give PC, the People’s Health Clinic receives several matching grants to continue to support the clinic’s day-to-day operations.

Last year, The Park Record reported that the People’s Health Clinic raised $37,875, placing it in the top five for amounts raised and donors attracted.

"It’s a huge day for us," Fundraising Director Jenny Dorsey said. "We are certainly looking forward to this year’s campaign and for the donors to make an impact, not only in our community, but in our health clinic."

Dorsey described the People’s Health Clinic as a safety net clinic that "provides high quality care to the uninsured".

In 2013, 68.5 percent of the 9.500 patients seen were female and the rest were male, with around 44 patients seen a day.

The clinic is open three days a week and appointments can be scheduled by contacting (435)333-1850.

Gurl Fytrz

"We love Live PC Give PC," Marcia Mason, founder of Gurl Fytrz, said. "It’s a great idea and it’s been fun since the beginning."

Mason said she founded Gurl Fytrz to provide martial arts training and fitness and education resources for women suffering from domestic violence. The core of Gurl Fytrz work, Mason said, is focused on self-defense and outreach to educate victims about the value of becoming emotionally and financially independent.

Through Live PC Give PC, Mason said Gurl Fytrz is able to provide between five and eight scholarships to kids for martial arts classes.

Gurl Fytrz will be hosting their annual martial arts demonstration on Friday, Nov. 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Park City Elks Lodge 734, 550 Main Street.

Anyone seeking more information or services through Gurl Fytrz can go to or can call (801)372-2264.

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter includes a 1,200-acre preserve and 10,000-square-foot education and museum building in Park City, which provides environmental education to Summit County residents of all ages.

"We touch all ages with our environmental education and with science being a core subject, we feel that Swaner contributes a lot to the education process," Sally Tauber, director of development, said.

This year for Live PC Give PC, Tauber said Swaner will be spotlighting the different education programs offered through the EcoCenter. Donors are encouraged to give in increments of $10, $25, $50 or $100, which will be used specifically for items such as supplies or field trips. People interested in donating can visit

"We hope that everyone will contribute to support that and also make sure their kids get out here for a visit," Tauber said.

Summit Land Conservatory

Saving land doesn’t happen by accident, outreach and development director for the Summit Land Conservatory Robyn Geist said.

"It takes a lot of effort by people who are watching what is going on in our community and seeing where those cherished lands are in our landscape," Geist said.

Summit Land Conservatory protects and monitors 24 easements to ensure the properties are maintained. For more information on how to donate, visit

"People see the wildlife, the trails and the views a lot of time, it’s open space that is protected and so they can enjoy those views forever," Geist said.

Summit Land Conservatory will be participating in Live PC Give PC for the fourth consecutive year. Last year, The Park Record reported that the Summit Land Conservatory raised $39,975 from 297 donors.

Geist said the conservatory is able to leverage donations about 10 to one and already has two matching grants during the donor drive.

Utah 1033 Foundation

Within 24 hours of an officer’s death, members of the Utah 1033 Foundation will meet the family of the fallen officer and give them a check for $25,000.

Since the organization’s founding, four checks have been dispensed.

Mona and Tore Steen said they formed the Utah 1033 foundation about three years ago to provide financial assistance to the families of fallen officers in the state of Utah.

"We wanted to raise some very meaningful funds to be able help out," Steen said.

The foundation not only provides financial assistance to the families of fallen officers, but recently started offering post-secondary education scholarships to the children of active duty police officers.

Four scholarships were distributed this year in the name of each of the fallen officers, for $2,500 each.

"We raised a fair bit of money last year but I think in addition to the money it raises, Live PC Give PC is just a real drive to make people aware of the good things the organization, and others like it, are doing," Steen said. "We were very happy with happened last year."

For more information, visit

To donate to these and other Summit County nonprofits on Friday, go to