Man exposes himself to kids in the Uintas |

Man exposes himself to kids in the Uintas

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is investigating several reports of a man who has been exposing himself to children at various sites along Mirror Lake Highway since Labor Day weekend.

Summit County Deputy Ashley Fugal said the Sheriff’s Office has received three reports of a man wearing only a couple of accessories such as a scarf or sunglasses. He has been mostly flashing young boys in remote areas.

"They are all very similar and that’s why we figured they would be related," Fugal said.

Lewdness is generally a Class B misdemeanor, unless it involves a child or the suspect has been previously convicted of similar charges. In such cases, the charge would become a Class A misdemeanor or a felony. A Class A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine upon conviction.

The Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have a complete description of the suspect and can only identify him as a man. His age, race or any other details have not been included in the reports, Fugal said. However, all reports are similar. They involve a man wearing sunglasses or a backpack. In one report he was wearing a camouflage scarf and in another a mask resembling a face.

"We don’t really have any great details to identify him. All the reports have included vague descriptions," Fugal said.

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In the most recent incident, Sunday morning, the suspect exposed himself to a 10-year-old boy near Wall Lake in the Uinta Mountains. Deputies responded to the area, but were unable to find him.

Part of the problem with narrowing in on a suspect is the location where these incidents are occurring, Fugal said.

"It is kind of remote" Fugal said of the area where the incidents are taking place. "Most of the reports we are getting are kind of delayed. It is hard for us in that respect because then he has a big time lapse and when we get anyone up there it is a vast area to cover."

A similar incident occurred Saturday at a campsite near Wall Lake. A man reported to dispatch that the suspect entered a Boy Scout campsite wearing only a backpack and a mask resembling a human face. He allegedly came within 10 yards of the boys, who started screaming, before he left.

Last week, the Sheriff’s Office received a report via its email tipline about a man wearing only sunglasses and a scarf exposing himself to two children at the Trial Lake parking lot.

Fugal said investigators have been assigned to the cases and are working to identify any potential suspects. However, there are none at this point.

"Right now we are working on investigative techniques to try and identify the individual," Fugal said. "That’s pretty much all we have right now. But if someone does encounter the individual, call us immediately."

Anyone with information about similar incidents or the suspect is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office tipline at 1-800-828-8477