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Miscommunication at Panda Express

David Burger, The Park Record

A false alarm created a lot of commotion at Kimball Junction Saturday morning,

The incident began simply enough when two employees of Panda Express arrived at work and entered the restaurant’s breezeway before realizing they didn’t have the keys to enter the actual eatery, said Captain Justin Martinez of the Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

One of the employees went home to locate his keys, and the other employee sat down inside the breezeway to wait. After a while, the employee decided to lie down.

Unbeknownst to the tired employee, Panda Express’ alarm company was monitoring the breezeway through a video feed. Seeing a person lying down, the alarm company notified the Summit County Sheriff’s Department and relayed to them that there was a burglary in progress and it was a hostage situation.

The department responded in force, and found a "very shocked" employee just waking up, Martinez said. After undergoing questioning and surveying the empty restaurant, the employee was released.

Since then, Martinez added, the department has had some conversations with the alarm company.