No decision for golf course extension by county manager |

No decision for golf course extension by county manager

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

The Canyons is still awaiting a decision on whether it can receive an extension for the construction of a long-awaited golf course.

Summit County Manager Bob Jasper said during a public meeting on Monday, April 25, that he would not decide that day whether or not to grant the extension, adding that he would first need to have a definitive completion date.

"I’m going to ask for some additional information," he said. "I would like to see a schedule from you. I’d like to see some dates that you will commit."

The golf course was scheduled to be completed by Sept. 1, 2013, but Canyons Managing Director Mike Goar requested that the resort be granted an additional year to complete the project, particularly in light of land adjacent to Willow Draw Drive that was acquired a year ago that he said will benefit the course.

"We’re prepared to complete the golf course in its original design," Goar said. "We would rather not, but we’re prepared to do that. But even without that golf alignment, we would require an extension into 2014," he said.

Goar added that he is certain the Canyons can finish the golf course in 2014.

"But the exact date is largely dependent on this fall and the type of spring we have. A date can easily move 60 days," he said.

Deputy County Attorney Jami Brackin asked if Canyons is willing to meet construction benchmarks if the county grants the extension.

Goar responded that it’s important for the construction of certain items, such as processing topsoil and the installation of irrigation, to happen in a particular sequence.

"But I would expect to work through it with the county," he said.

Though the meeting wasn’t a public hearing, Jasper allowed the public to comment.

All those who spoke were either neutral or in favor of the extension, although several said the extension should only be granted with certain stipulations.

David Dubois, Sun Peak Homeowners Association President, said he’s personally a "big fan" of everything that the Canyons and Talisker Corp. has done.

"I think Canyons and Talisker have done a great job in the neighborhood," he said. "They have invested tens of millions of dollars in making the neighborhood a better place. They’ve taken a decrepit ski area and made it world class."

However, as a representative of his home owners association, he said the Canyons needs to follow through on its promise to bury the power lines.

"Here we are four years later after they were supposed to be buried, and I’ve got a ton of homeowners in my association that look out their windows at the mountain, and there’s power lines right outside their houses," he said.

Goar said it is not Canyons’ obligation to move the power lines.

"We’ve been pulled into it, as the [Resort Village Management Association] has, because we’re building a golf hole through there, so the Sun Peak Home Owners Association is looking to the county to compel someone to bury the power lines," he said.

Goar added that the Canyons also would like to have them buried, and they want to be part of the solution to make that happen.

"We’ll do what we can to help facilitate that," he said. "We need to get all the parties involved together and determine how it’s going to be funded, and we’ll fund a portion of it."

Goar said he plans to send a more specific timeline to the county by the end of the week.

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