Nuzzles and Co. partners with Uber to bring kittens to Park City businesses |

Nuzzles and Co. partners with Uber to bring kittens to Park City businesses

The transportation company Uber delivered more than people last week in Park City and Salt Lake City.

The company partnered with the Summit County-based animal rescue organization Nuzzles and Co. on Friday to offer the Uber Kitten service to businesses for the afternoon.

Sharon Cantwell, Nuzzles and Co. development director, said Uber approached the nonprofit organization last year about delivering puppies throughout the Salt Lake City area. Cantwell said the event was extremely successful, but "Park City businesses were upset they weren't included."

"Park City has supported this organization for 25 years and last year I heard from them for days after the event so we went out of our way to make sure that we had a car and some adorable kittens available," Cantwell said.

More than 15 businesses in the Park City and Salt Lake City area requested the kittens-on-demand service on Oct. 29. The 15-minute cuddle session required a pre-paid commitment of $30, with all proceeds directly supporting Nuzzles and Co. Three of the 12 kittens were adopted, Cantwell said.

"This was my big dream to do this and for them to come to us it was really an honor to be chosen," Cantwell said. "We had to so much fun together and we were grateful to put a lot of smiles on people's faces. It was so worth it."

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One of the participating companies notified their employees of a mandatory meeting on Friday to surprise them with the kittens, Cantwell said, adding most of the employees thought they were being fired.

"It was at like 2 p.m. and then I come prancing in with my bag of kittens and of bunch of these guys at first were like, 'why kittens?'" Cantwell said. "But at the end of the 15 minutes, they were loving them."

Taylor Patterson, a spokesperson for Uber, said the company has offered the service in other markets to help promote the adoption of animals. She said the company has also provided ice cream and concert tickets on demand.

"This works out quite nicely because it gives us a chance to create magic within the community by bringing kittens on demand for people to cuddle with," Patterson said.

Natalie Arnott, who works as an operations specialists at a small startup located in Prospector, solicited the service as a surprise for one of her coworkers.

"She loves cats so I wanted to surprise her. There were about seven of us," Arnott said. "I was trying to make it a surprise, but then I told everyone and blew it.

"Everyone was so excited and really loved it, though," she said. "It was the best Friday ever and the best present I've ever given."