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Pipes burst at Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch

Cold weather and frigid air temperatures last week caused multiple pipes to burst at the Friends of Animals Utah non-profit facility, the Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch.

"When they froze, they burst," Director of Operations Lindsay Ortega said, adding that water was spraying 10 feet in the air. "We spent $600 spent on New Year’s Eve to have a pipe repaired."

The first break on New Year’s Eve, prompted a call to an emergency plumber, who performed a quick fix.

But on Jan. 2, multiple pipe breaks occurred in the medical suite, requiring staff to remove medical equipment from the room to prevent any further water damage. Ortega said no animals were in the medical suite when the accident occurred.

"We will have to have that entire wall redone," she said. "We got that fixed that night, but we didn’t have $600 lying around.

"All of our money goes towards the animals," she added.

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Without access to the medical suite, the staff is unable to perform surgeries, spays or neuters, to prepare animals for adoption and is no longer taking animals in.

"If there are animals out there that need us, we can’t adopt out unless they have been spayed or neutered," Ortega said. "It’s put a hold on us and our program. It’s been pretty stressful."

Ortega said Friends of Animals Utah is seeking either monetary donations or local plumbers and contractors to donate their time to assess what needs to be done.

"We’ve been very grateful for the people that have donated and helped us as our number one concern is being able to save animals and make sure we can provide the things they need," she said. "We are just going to take it day-by-day and hope to have it done by the end of the week."

For more information about how to donate to Friends of Animals Utah go to http://www.foautah.org/index.php/donate-10 .