Plan defines sites for new rec facilities |

Plan defines sites for new rec facilities

Two presentations of the draft are scheduled

In December the Park City School District, Snyderville Basin Recreation and local residents will get to look at how tens of millions of dollars could be used to build field houses and swimming pools in Park City.

One big ticket item on a draft for the Mountain Facilities Recreation Master Plan that outlines locations for Park City's future athletic buildings includes spending $38.8 million for an aquatics center in Silver Creek.

The plan — a collaboration between Park City Municipal, Snyderville Basin Recreation District and Park City School District — became available to view online last week and was presented to the Park City Council on Nov. 17.

Lisa Benson, who works for the firm commissioned to develop the 60-page proposal, said her team will next present to Park City School District board members on Dec. 6.

“It is going to be hard to figure out how to fund this. From field houses to pools, these are some big ticket items.” -- City Council Member Becca Gerber

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She encourages people to read the draft, available at, and to come to the public meeting that will be at 2700 Kearns Blvd.

The December presentation will be similar to the Nov. 17 one, said Benson, who is a project manager at Landmark Design.

"We walked through the plan in detail and gave the council an overview and went over all of the individual site concepts," she said. "We talked about costs and those sorts of things."

A project that began in the spring when the three partners realized the need to thoroughly study potential locations and costs for recreation buildings, the plan proposes what facilities should be built at 10 sites in Park City.

For instance, it suggests City Park needs a community center, playground and splash pad.

"We are proposing a variety of recreation facilities throughout these 10 sites," Benson said. "I think the important thing to note is that the committee looked at a variety of concepts, some of them were concentrated on recreation facilities on one large site."

City Council Member Becca Gerber, who represented Park City on the plan's committee, said she was impressed by the Nov. 17 presentation.

"One of the things I've taken away from the whole process is this was a very well thought out process," Gerber said.

Landmark Design completed four studies before drawing up the proposal. One study included a recreation facilities survey Park City residents filled out. Another one looked at other cities' uses of athletic buildings.

While she's impressed by the plan, Gerber said she thinks City Council's main concern is approving something that requires tens of millions of dollars.

"It is going to be hard to figure out how to fund this," she said. "From field houses to pools, these are some big ticket items."

In addition to suggesting putting $38.8 million into a Silver Creek aquatics center, the plans recommends using $26 million to expand the ice arena at Quinn's Junction.

But Park City is a recreation community and Parkites have almost always supported funding such projects, Gerber said.

"We have a very athletic lifestyle in Park City," Gerber said. "We have a lot of families that play sports and ride bikes and want to be active in this community. Park City has always done a really good job of meeting those needs and requests of people who want a variety of options and facilities for all of their athletic endeavors."

Gerber and Benson are excited to move forward with approval of the plan from all entities, but they feel it's particularly important to first hear input from the Park City School District.

Benson said her team is confident eight of the 10 sites will be able to hold the suggested facilities. She said, however, that recommendations for facilities at Park City High School and Ecker Hill Middle School might change if the school district decides to expand Park City High School.

The school district has a study of its own underway to look at potential options for expanding the school.

The recreation facilities plan suggests the high school property should have an indoor fieldhouse and athletics building, but Benson said constructing the facilities depends on the school district's study results.

"We couldn't quite wait for the results of the process before we completed this plan," Benson said.

In addition to presenting to school board members on Dec. 6, the Landmark Design team will meet with the Snyderville Basin Recreation District on Dec. 15.

Benson said Landmark Design is still open to public input. People can visit to write on a comment forum. Benson said people can also send an email to, or call her at 801-474-3300.