Promontory Development’s general manager announces his retirement |

Promontory Development’s general manager announces his retirement

Robin Milne, who primarily lives in Arizona, will be taking over as Promontorys new general manager on Jan. 1.
(Courtesy of Robin Milne)

Promontory Development’s general manager Rich Sonntag announced this week that he will be stepping down after more than 15 years overseeing one of eastern Summit County’s most exclusive communities.

Sonntag began overseeing operations at Promontory after ushering the development through the zoning process 17 years ago. During his tenure, nearly half of the lots in the 7,200-acre community were sold, he said. Of the 900 lots, about 500 are occupied by homes with between 50 and 60 built each year.

“My favorite part of is getting something started and putting things together. Call it the creative part, if you will,” Sonntag said. “That has been mostly accomplished for Promontory. I’m proud of everything we have built there and I have enjoyed being part of the process. But I have also reached the point in my career where I am interested in doing different things.”

Sonntag will maintain an ancillary role with Promontory after he steps down on Dec. 31 while he concentrates on other interests. Sonntag is also a member of the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission and a part-time faculty member at the University of Utah.

“I still have an interest in Promontory. I will still be involved and I will continue to live there,” Sonntag said. “It was just the right time for me to be able to make this move because someone was available to do it who has everyone’s confidence.”

Robin Milne, who primarily lives in Arizona, credited her institutional knowledge for being afforded the opportunity. Milne began contributing to the development’s social marketing because of her lengthy background in sales and marketing several years ago, adding that her new role came about “very organically.”

“We have been professionally and personally involved with the project since the beginning,” Milne said. “We were aware of it very early on and were one of the first families behind Francis (Najafi, Pivotal Group’s Chief Executive Officer) and the Sonntags.”

Milne and her husband, Richard, plan to relocate to their Promontory home fulltime as she transitions into becoming the “new face of Promontory.”

“I’m ready to lay down my life in Paradise Valley,” Milne said. “I’m ready to get more involved with the nonprofit world because the (Promontory) foundation is such an important part of our community.”

Earlier this month, the Promontory Foundation distributed $200,000 to approximately 25 charities. With matching funds, the total donation surpassed $500,000, according to a release.

While half of the lots in Promontory have yet to be sold, Milne said several upcoming projects could help facilitate that. Milne described a man-made pond and a tubing-hill that will be complete sometime during the summer of 2017, in additional to the development of an annexed property.

“What you are seeing in the planning commission right now is we are going to take and annex about 800 acres that will be developed separately with a school and some housing for people that work in Park City,” Milne said. “It will be more of a neighborhood and Rich Sonntag will be involved in that project.”

Milne said she does not consider herself to be “filling Rich’s shoes,” adding that his role has gradually morphed into the one she will be inheriting.

“Here’s the good news: we were there from the get-go and Rich and I are equally passionate about Promontory,” Milne said. “But I do think that the role has changed. He had a skill set that I don’t, but that is great because that is how his mind works and he deserves every bit of credit for what he has done over the last 17 years with Promontory.”

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