Promontory Development’s viewsheds to be defined |

Promontory Development’s viewsheds to be defined

To monitor Promontory Development’s compliance with its Development Agreement and to formalize its planning process, Summit County has asked the developer to go through an amendment process to incorporate specific vantage points for determining proposed construction locations.

As part of Promontory Development’s agreement with the county, units constructed within Promontory cannot break the primary ridgeline. The county currently uses specific vantage points to determine if any proposed structure would, in fact, be visible above the ridgeline, but the Development Agreement, which was established in 2001, never specified where those points would be located.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hold a public and commission input session regarding the incorporation of designated locations on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 6 p.m., at Ecker Hill Middle School, 2465 Kilby Road, in Park City.

"Obviously, whether or not something breaks the ridgeline depends on the perspective from the particular spot where you are standing," Promontory Managing Director Rich Sonntag said. "In order for us to have some certainty in planning and in order for the County to have a spot from which to evaluate proposed structures and monitor compliance, we need to agree on specific vantage points."

According to the staff report, the specific sites being proposed are:

  • U.S 40- at Exit 2 near the top of the northbound off-ramp
  • Interstate 80- just past the top of the rise located east of the U.S 40 interchange where Promontory becomes visible as the primary ridge on the eastern horizon to I-80 drivers before dropping down into Tollgate Canyon
  • Brown’s Canyon Road- where Promontory becomes visible as the primary ridge on the western horizon
  • State Road 248 the top of the northbound off-ramp from U.S 40 at Quinn’s Junction

"These points were actually agreed upon over 15 years ago and have been used ever since," Sonntag said. "However, these points were never formally incorporated in an amendment to our Development Agreement."

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Summit County Planner Amir Caus said all of these spots are mentioned, but were never designated.

"It talks about designated points, but it never explains what those points are," Caus said. "We are trying to define those."

Promontory is located in the Eastern Summit County planning district, but the proposed vantage points are located in the Snyderville Basin. The potential impact on the Snydervillle Basin’s view sheds, allows the planning commission to give input. But, because Promontory is officially in the eastern planning district, the Eastern Planning Commission will be the official recommending body to the county council.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will forward input to the Eastern Planning Commission, who will make a final recommendation to the council within a few weeks, Caus said.

"It’s a little weird and it doesn’t happen often," Caus said of the input session. "But it’s one of those situations."

For more information about the vantage points and the Development Agreement, go to , under the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission staff report.