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Public hearing notice

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

Low-income residents of Park City looking for housing may soon have more choices. A local affordable housing advocate wants to create units that are more affordable at The Village at Kimball Junction by proposing an amendment to the Summit County Council.

The amendment, requested by Scott Loomis of Mountainlands Community Land Trust (MCLT), seeks to allow for modification of the mandated affordable housing mix at The Village. Currently, as part of a Specially Planned Area, The Village at Kimball Junction must provide affordable housing developments for low-income tenants.

The current agreement calls for 34 units to be provided at the site with 17 one-bedroom and 17 studio apartments, according to a report authored by Summit County Planner Tiffanie Northrup-Robinson.

Loomis wants to amend the agreement to provide lower rents to lower income tenants, targeting those below 40 percent of the area median income as opposed to the current target of 60 percent. This would involve changing the unit mix at the site, and he is asking for the number to be reduced to 28, having a mix of two studio units, 18 one-bedroom units and 8 two-bedroom units, according to Northrup-Robinson’s report.

Northrup-Robinson said that MCLT is currently competing with Newpark Studios and that such a change in the unit mix for MCLT would alleviate that competition.

The amendment will also seek to modify the exterior elevations of MCLT’s structure so as to make it more complementary with the surrounding architecture. According to the report, the building’s square footage and height will remain exactly the same as the original.

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The Summit County Council will hold a public hearing on this possible amendment to the Village at Kimball Junction Affordable Housing Development Agreement this Wednesday, June 19, at 6 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building at 1885 West Ute Blvd. in Park City.