Republic Services sends second notices for county-wide garbage collection |

Republic Services sends second notices for county-wide garbage collection

Roughly 5,000 property owners still owe

Roughly 5,000 Summit County property owners still owe $36 each for their annual garbage collection services provided during 2016, according to Summit County Public Works Director Derrick Radke.

This week, Republic Services sent second and final solid waste collection fee notices to the properties on behalf of Summit County. In early December, Republic Services sent nearly 20,000 invoices for garbage collection county-wide, a service previously subsidized through the county’s general fund.

Only property owners who have not paid their bills will receive the notice, Radke said. He added, “If payment is not received they run the risk of having their trash and recycling bins removed.” According to the county, invoices must be paid by May 15 to avoid service interruption. A $50 reinstatement fee will be charged to the customer to reinstate service.

“We anticipated having to send a second notice just because it was so new and some people didn’t trust it when it first went out because they thought it was a scam,” Radke said. “Republic Services is mailing it again so it will look similar to the first bill, but it has Summit County’s logo on it now. It also has an insert with a lot of good information about the fee.”

The County Council adopted the fee during the 2016 budget process to cover the costs of closing the Three-Mile Landfill and development of a new cell. After the first bills were sent, county officials were overwhelmed with complaints from property owners about the new billing system.

“It was the first time we ever had a service bill go out, so that was a surprise to people,” said Summit County Manager Tom Fisher. “We also had large snow events during the same time the bills went out that caused a lot of service interruptions and natural angst.

“But service complaints have slowed down tremendously and because we have provided some consistent communication about this fee since it was first mailed I hope that more people know about it,” Fisher said.

In February, Fisher penned an open letter to residents addressing the concerns over the curbside fees. The flyer that will be included in the notices this week will cover the same information.

“We want make sure that people have the opportunity to pay that bill and, along with that, as we have done since the first bill went out, which probably didn’t have the best communication, we have provided a lot more information since then,” Fisher said. “But the bottom line is this is a fee that was legally assessed by the Council.”

Fisher said anyone who has questions or thinks they have received a second notice by error should contact the county or Republic Services.

“We will do everything we can to make the system better and more understandable,” Fisher said. “We are developing the system as we issue these bills because there are always corrections that need to be made and we want to do this better along the way and we can only deal with problems if we know about them.”

The invoices for garbage collection during 2017 will be sent July 15.

For more information about the household waste fee, contact the Summit County Public Works Department at 435-336-3970 or Republic Services at 435-615-8311. Information is also available on the Summit County website at

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