Republican candidates for Summit County Council unchallenged at convention |

Republican candidates for Summit County Council unchallenged at convention

Tal Adair, left, and Colin DeFord, right, are the two county candidates on the Republican ticket vying for separate seats on the Summit County Council. (Nan Chalat Noaker/Park Record)
Colin Deford

Summit County Republicans were able to attend the GOP convention on Thursday without the added pressure of having to cast a vote for a local race.

The two county candidates on the Republican ticket, Tal Adair and Colin DeFord, are vying for separate seats on the Summit County Council. Both were on hand to briefly address party members at South Summit High School.

DeFord, a Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner, will face Doug Clyde, an Eastern Summit County Planning Commissioner, in November’s General Election. Last week, Clyde won the Democratic Party’s nomination over Sean Wharton, a fellow East Side commissioner.

At the convention, DeFord pledged to identify the unique challenges ahead and offer viable solutions, while understanding that "one size doesn’t fit all."

"The East Side needs options and choices regarding zoning and where and when to grow or not to grow to help make it feasible to maintain life here in the county. With these choices come simple choices of what one should be allowed to do or not to do on their property," DeFord said. "In the Snyderville Basin we need choices, as well, in where we will continue to develop. The Basin needs tools that are not found in our current county code that will encourage moving existing entitlements of density into the areas that are more appropriate."

Adair, who also serves as the county’s Republican Party chair, is hoping to retain his seat on the County Council. The Francis resident was appointed to a one-year term last November. He is being challenged for the two remaining years of the term by Summit County Democratic Party Chair Glenn Wright.

"Serving on the County Council I have learned one thing: Summit County is about the people," Adair told the audience. "Take a moment to think about you and your family. Think about your neighbors and who you interact with A lot of wonderful people live in Summit County and all have different points of view. But one thing we all share is the Republican values.

"I have the ability to reach out to you and represent you," Adair said. "I want people to be able to call me and be a part of the process. We Republicans we dig deep and we want to get involved. This is no different. I’m asking you to get involved in this political process."

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