Sewer line breaks at Quinn’s Junction |

Sewer line breaks at Quinn’s Junction

A sewer line backup last week caused sewage to slowly seep out of a manhole at Quinn’s Junction, according to Mike Luers, general manager of the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District (SBWRD).

Tuesday, workers were in the process of repairing the 10-inch waste water line that runs underneath State Road 248, west of the U.S. 40 interchange. The repair work is expected to cost about $25,000. An investigation is ongoing to determine who will cover the costs.

Officials discovered the situation Wednesday, Nov. 11, when someone reported waste water leaking out of the manhole. Luers said the call came in shortly after it started and crews were able to vacuum the waste water that had seeped into the ditch before it leaked into any streams or created an environmental health issue.

A private contractor recently installed fiber optic cable lines in the area and accidentally penetrated the waste water lines, Luers said, adding the SBWRD only learned of the problem because of the leak.

"Last week we had a small backup. It didn’t block the line completely and water was still flowing when we were made aware of the situation," Luers said. "We were able to clear some gravel and dirt out of the waste water line to stop the seepage. The water system is functioning and there were no additional problems."

The backup and repairs have not reduced service to any customers.

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Luers said the situation is not common, but it does "happen from time to time." He said whenever underground work is done, the utility companies will mark the lines.

"Even though we marked the line, the situation still happened. We will coordinate with the contractors to hopefully avoid these situations in the future," Luers said. "We are still investigating what the marks were at the time where this actually took place, which will determine who is responsible for paying for the repairs."

Crews with the SBWRD, a private contractor and representatives with the Utah Department of Transportation were on scene Tuesday morning to fix the line. Two eastbound lanes were closed for the repair work.

The repair work was scheduled to be complete Tuesday and the pavement will be replaced within a couple days. A Utah Department of Transportation spokesperson could not be reached.